Demolition Accidents

Demolition always comes with risks, no matter how carefully risks are assessed and mitigated. Demolition accidents not only involves dangerous explosives, but also introduces the risk of falling debris, scaffolding collapse, and other serious hazards. In an already dangerous industry, demolition is one of the most dangerous construction projects.

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What Causes Demolition Accidents in Florida?

Controlled demolition is a common technique to clear a lot for new construction or to remove a building that has become dangerous. Demolition always involves risk. A demolition site can cause injuries due to:

  • Falling debris: This debris may be a result of the explosion itself or the condition of the building. Falling objects is one of the construction industry’s leading causes of serious injury.
  • Chemical exposure: A demolition may involve many chemicals that workers may be exposed to. This can cause respiratory illness, cancer, and other serious illness. In some cases, the demolition of an older building can release toxic particles.
  • Improper use of explosives: Every worker on the site is at risk when explosives are not handled correctly. There are many ways explosives may not be used safely such as failing to ensure the area is clear before the explosives are set off, premature detonation, or poor explosive placement.

Even when an explosion is controlled and supervised, there are many dangers for workers. The explosion may cause the ground to shake which can cause workers to fall from scaffolding or a rooftop. It’s even possible for materials in nearby buildings to become shrapnel. A fast-moving fire can even be triggered which spreads beyond the demolition site.

Demolition Accidents and Florida Workers’ Compensation

When you are injured during demolition, you may be entitled to workers’ compensation benefits. The Florida workers’ compensation system is designed to cover medical expenses, lost wages, and disability for work-related accidents to give you the financial security you need as you recover.

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Sadly, many workers hurt in demolition accidents are left with serious and life-changing injuries like head injuries, paralysis, spinal cord injuries, and neck injuries. Even worse, many find themselves in a battle with an insurance company, their employer, and the doctors the insurance company chose. The last thing you should be worried about as you struggle to recover and move on with your life is financial uncertainty and a long fight for benefits from an uncaring and profit-driven insurance company.

A workers’ compensation lawyer in Florida can help you seek the full benefits you deserve. At Work Injury Rights, we will help you file your claim and present your case in court if your claim is denied. We will gather evidence of the severity of your injuries and protect your rights throughout the entire process.

Note that demolitions often involve many tradespeople including engineers, architects, specialized contractors, and demolition experts. Because these sites often involve multiple parties, including third-party contractors and companies, a work-related injury claim can be complicated. There may be multiple parties who share fault for the accident. This means you may have a third-party claim in addition to workers’ compensation benefits. We will help you explore potential third-party claims in your accident.

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