Welding Accidents

Welders face an incredibly dangerous environment every day. Every year, half a million workers are hurt in welding accidents. Welding accidents can result in serious respiratory problems, severe burns, eye injuries or blindness, and even death.

Out of every 1,000 welders in the U.S., four will die in a welding accident. Many welders injured or killed in a welding accident are employed at a construction, automotive, or marine worksite.

Have you been seriously injured in a welding accident? You are likely entitled to workers’ compensation benefits to help with your medical bills, lost wages, and disability. At Work Injury Rights, we have represented injured welders across Florida for decades.

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Welding accidents are common.

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Common Welding Injuries in Florida

Welders often suffer serious and life-changing injuries in welding accidents. These injuries can be caused by human error, malfunctioning welding equipment, an unsafe work environment, or inadequate personal protective equipment.

Some of the most common injuries suffered by welders include:

Prolonged welding can expose workers to dangerous levels of UV light which can diminish vision and cause blindness. This condition, called arc eye or welder’s flash, can be painful and result in cataracts, diminished vision, light sensitivity, and blindness.

Welders are also at risk of Welder’s Parkinson’s disease. Welding rods, wires, and electrodes contain manganese, a toxic compound known to cause nerve damage and brain damage.

Manganese poisoning can affect welders and lead to symptoms such as dementia, anxiety, and a mask-like expression similar to Parkinson’s disease.

Using proper protection and precautions can reduce the risk of these injuries, but never eliminate them entirely. Long-term welding can still lead to serious work-related injuries. Welders may also face tripping hazards on the job or the dangers of equipment that malfunctions.

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Florida Workers’ Compensation and Welding Accidents

After an on-the-job welding accident, you are entitled to workers’ compensation benefits. The workers’ compensation system is a no-fault system that allows injured workers to recover medical benefits, lost wages, and disability benefits after a work-related accident or illness.

Unfortunately, many workers face an uphill battle trying to recover the benefits they deserve. Your employer and their insurance carrier have the right to choose the physician who makes important determinations about your injuries, level of disability, treatment, and when you are able to return to work.

The insurance company may try to undervalue or deny your claim by minimizing the severity of your injuries or claiming they are not work-related.

At Work Injury Rights, our workers’ compensation lawyers in Florida are here to help with your workers’ comp claim. We will help you assert your legal rights to benefits, document your injury and the cause, and fight for maximum benefits.

If your claim is denied, we will represent you in an appeal to present evidence about your case.

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