Workers’ compensation is designed to compensate injured workers for injuries that are work-related. While these injuries often occur at an actual job site, such as a construction site, restaurant, hotel, or store, many work-related injuries occur beyond the employer’s premises, i.e. while traveling for work.

If you travel for work in connection with your job, you are considered a traveling employee. Under Florida workers’ compensation law, that means you are considered an employee who is performing work-related duties. You are still covered by workers’ compensation while you are traveling, even while engaged in normal activities such as sleeping in a hotel, although there are some exceptions.

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Workers’ Compensation While Traveling for Work

When you are injured while traveling for work, you are generally still covered by the Florida workers’ compensation system. As a general rule, if you are on an overnight business trip, you are considered to be in the course of your employment on your trip, even while you are staying in the hotel. This is sometimes called portal to portal coverage.

While the length of your business travel doesn’t strictly affect whether you qualify for workers’ compensation, it may affect activities that are considered reasonable. For example, on an extended business trip, it’s reasonable to include activities that are reasonably expected.

However, claims can be complicated as the location of the accident may choose which state’s workers’ comp laws apply to you. Your claim can also be complicated because whether the accident or injury is covered depends on the situation and it may not be clear.

Businessman traveling for work, concept of workers' compensation

There are some cases in which an injury is clearly covered by workers’ compensation. For example, if you are on a business-related trip out of the area for a conference and you are hurt while working at your company’s booth, your injury will likely be covered. If you extend the trip for personal reasons and you are injured on this extension, the injury likely will not be covered.

Because there can be a lot of gray areas in terms of whether an injury will be covered, it’s important to work with an experienced workers’ compensation lawyer in Florida to investigate your claim.

Unfortunately, work-related injuries are not always simple and straightforward. Even work injuries that occur on the employer’s premises can be complicated, but injuries that occur during travel for business can be particularly complex.

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