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Monica A. Wallace is the Chief Operating Officer of Work Injury Rights. She is responsible for managing and directing all administrative and business areas of the firm. She has held numerous positions in the legal industry in her 15+ years of experience, including legal assistant, case manager, paralegal, office manager, firm administrator, and chief operating officer. Despite holding the title of COO, she has a wide variety of skills and frequently participates in all aspects of the business, including marketing, HR, sales, and finance; reviewing legal cases; building and developing leadership teams; and coaching the staff.

Her extensive skill set has been crucial in helping scale the company to new heights. These initiatives include numerous legal training courses, software platform implementation, creating and implementing departmental structures, developing policies and procedures, and customized department training programs.

Monica earned her Master of Business Administration (MBA) from Nova Southern University. As well as completing numerous leadership and management courses.

She was born in New York, raised in Colombia, and currently resides in South Florida. She is a committed wife and devoted mother. She is a passionate leader who strives to create a positive work culture through team-based initiatives.

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