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Here in the State of Florida, even if you have just been hired, you are eligible for workers compensation. The workers compensation policy is put in place to ensure that employees receive medical coverage if they fall ill at work.  The benefits which can include: medical bills, disability benefits, or in extreme cases, death compensation have a criterion to determine eligibility and also have a time limit for their validity

Before filing a workers compensation claim, it is good to ensure that you have put together the facts that state you are eligible to receive the settlement you are entitled to. It is advised to have experienced legal representatives who are also well-versed in the area to assist you in navigating legal concepts such as Maximum Medical Improvement among others.

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What is MMI (Maximum Medical Improvement)

Maximum Medical Improvement or (MMI) in simple terms, is used to describe that you have recovered fully or as expected enabling you to resume work. This also means that you will not require further treatment or rehabilitation. In some cases, this could also mean any further treatment will not improve your condition whatsoever.

A Maximum Medical Improvement might also describe cases where one is still undergoing treatment and or especially when the treatment is used to determine the level of one’s functionality. When a physician determines your MMI might not only mean you are fully recovered but also that there is no likelihood that you might go back to how you were before the injury, you are awarded a certain disability rating.

In summary, an MMI implies the following.

  • Not fully recovered but can resume work.
  • Not completely healed but cannot improve further from that
  • Not healed, or cannot heal, in this case, the physician issues a disability rating.

Who Determines When The Employee Has Achieved Lakeland Maximum Medical Improvement?

Only a certified physician can conclude whether an employee has reached their MMI or not. If any other party does, it is declared null and unlawful. Note that the insurer or employer cannot issue a Maximum Medical Improvement assessment.

Once the physician assesses which days or times you have indeed reached your MMI, they proceed to forward the assessment to the claim’s adjuster with the employer in copy. The Claims adjuster can then discontinue the insurance benefit from the assessment if it declares you no longer require further treatment. In the case that the assessment is wrong, the physician or you can file a claim to determine it is void.


This is done whether or not you feel or seem better because they can determine whether you might require further treatment, for instance, surgery in five years. This is because the situation might change in the future.

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Does Medical Treatment Continue After an MMI Diagnosis?

Typically, in these situations you are eligible for annual visits to the doctor and pain management from your workers compensation, so treatment does not suddenly halt. However, the physician cannot recommend alternative treatments after issuing an MMI because it would be deemed null and void.

It is also important to keep in mind that it is not advisable to accept a settlement from the insurer if the MMI assessment has not been done yet. While there is nothing wrong with accepting the settlement, it is good to be safe in case the treatment exceeds the settlement amount.

If the Employer or insurer at any point denies you the benefits to proceed with treatment, you can consult a lawyer at our office using this number 954-833-5226 and fight to protect your rights.

What occurs If You Can’t Return to Work And work At The Same Degree After Your MMI Diagnosis?

When you are unable to resume work due to the severity of the injury, you can accept the Clincher Agreement. This means if you have hit your MMI, you are entitled to a certain amount to cover your treatment expenses.

Also, if you cannot perform your duties beyond a certain limit because of the injury, you can work within your bounds. In other circumstances, you can settle for damages if the injuries were severe or pursue another role or direction of work after being trained.

This process may also require assistance from a lawyer to easily give careful consideration to each step. You can get the assistance you need here in Florida by contacting us at {phone number}. We will help you determine the settlement amount following the direction determined for you to follow especially if you need to change careers or live with ongoing treatment for a long period.

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The pain and the trauma from a work-related injury can be so overwhelming to consider adding a Compensation claim on top. As priorly mentioned, you are entitled to these benefits if you are injured or get sick in the workplace. This is why we recommend reaching out to our expert legal representatives to aid in the protection of your rights.

This is highly advised especially if you are still undergoing treatment or cannot work as you used to as a result of the injuries. Also, note that employers and insurers work to get you the least compensation, we are here to ensure you get the settlement you rightly deserve.

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