7 Reasons to Hire a Tampa Workers Comp Attorney

When you get hurt in an accident on the job, you may question whether it is necessary to enlist the services of a Tampa workers comp attorney. In many cases, having a workers’ compensation lawyer on your side can make a huge difference in getting the benefits you deserve.

Let’s explore 7 reasons you need a workers’ compensation lawyer in Tampa.

1. Failure of Your Employer to Report Your Injury

Workers’ compensation benefits are provided by your employer but are typically paid by their insurance company. Consequently, it is crucial for your employer to report your injury to their workers’ compensation insurance carrier.

If your employer refuses to report your accident, you should reach out to a Tampa workers’ compensation attorney.

2. Denial of Your Claim

If you sustain an injury while performing any work-related activity on behalf of your employer, you are entitled to workers’ compensation benefits in Florida. But employers and their insurers often reject workers’ compensation claims, assuming that workers will not contest the decision.

If your claim is denied, contacting a highly competent Tampa workers comp attorney is imperative. A workers’ compensation lawyer can assist you in appealing the decision and securing a fair settlement.

3. Denial of Disability Benefits

Similar to the previous point, there are instances where your employer agrees to compensate you for your medical care but denies your disability benefits, which cover your lost wages. If your injury prevents you from working, you are entitled to compensation for lost wages during your time away from work.

Furthermore, if your injury reduces your working hours, you are also entitled to lost wage compensation. If you are not receiving the disability benefits you deserve, a Tampa workers’ compensation lawyer can provide valuable assistance.

4. The Proposed Settlement Is Too Low

If the settlement proposed by your employer fails to cover your lost wages and/or medical expenses adequately, it is essential to have a Tampa workers comp attorney who will fight for your rights and ensure fair compensation.

5. You Are Left With a Permanent Disability

If your disability, whether total or partial, is permanent, you are likely entitled to a lump sum payment or weekly payments to compensate for your lost wages. Since these settlements can be expensive for companies, many try to evade their responsibility.

If your injury or illness has resulted in permanent disability, it is crucial to engage the services of a Tampa workers’ compensation attorney to ensure you receive the benefits you rightfully deserve.

6. Uncertainty About the Benefits You Are Entitled To

Given the intricacies of the workers’ compensation system, many workers are unaware of the benefits they are eligible for following a work-related injury or illness. These benefits include compensation for medical treatments, weekly benefits for temporary disability or permanent disability, and job retraining if needed.

A Tampa workers’ compensation lawyer can provide expert guidance through the system and help you obtain the full amount of benefits that you deserve.

7. Misconduct by a Third Party or Your Employer

While the workers’ compensation system was established to reduce the need for civil lawsuits concerning workplace injuries, there are situations where you may be able to pursue legal action. This includes instances where a third party played a role in causing your injuries, your employer’s negligence resulted in your injury, or your employer lacks workers’ compensation insurance coverage.

A highly competent lawyer can help you understand your options.

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