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What Is MMI Or Maximum Medical Improvement?

Maximum Medical Improvement or MMI refers to the juncture at which your authorized medical provider determines that your work-related injuries or illness have reached a plateau and that no further recoveries are reasonably achievable.

As stipulated by Florida Statute 440.02(10), this point marks the boundary beyond which no further ameliorations can be expected, and the question of MMI remains a strictly medical matter, exclusively determined by an authorized medical practitioner.

Once a claimant has reached the threshold of MMI, the insurance provider will typically elect to settle the claim.

At this juncture, any temporary disability benefits that the injured party has been receiving will come to a halt, and the legal proceedings will shift toward the evaluation of the permanent disability rating that the treating physician assigns.

But it is important to note that even when you attain the status of MMI, you may still undergo ongoing treatments and therapies for your condition, which should help maintain some level of your functionality and enhance your quality of life.

Who Determines The Injured Employee Has Achieved Brandon Maximum Medical Improvement?

Only those who are authorized as workers’ compensation physicians possess the knowledge and expertise to determine when an injured worker has reached their maximum medical improvement (MMI). This crucial milestone cannot be determined by either the worker’s employer or their insurance company.

It is a stage that the injured employee can only arrive at after receiving extensive treatment for their condition.

In fact, it is illegal for the employer or the insurance company to decide when an injured worker has arrived at the point of MMI. However, reaching MMI does not guarantee a full recovery from the ailment or injury suffered.

Rather, it denotes that the individual has improved medically to the extent possible, and their condition has reached a plateau beyond which further improvement is unlikely.

Should there be any ambiguity regarding whether or not an individual has reached MMI, it is always possible to consult a qualified and experienced physician to obtain a second opinion.

More often than not, the insurance provider will seek to finalize and settle any claim once the injured worker has successfully achieved MMI.

maximum medical improvement

Does Medical Treatment Continue After A Maximum Medical Improvement Diagnosis?

If you wonder if medical treatment will continue after you achieved maximum medical improvement or MMI, you should know that the decision to do so will be solely dependent on your particular condition, as well as whether or not you have been assigned a new light-duty position within the company due to whatever injuries been sustained in the workplace accident.

Once you reach MMI, the insurance company will attempt to settle the workers’ compensation claim that has been filed.

What Would Happen If You Can’t Return To Work And Perform At The Same Level After Your Diagnosis?

Following a medical assessment, whereby your doctor deems that you have obtained the maximum medical restoration possible, you may encounter difficulty in resuming work and fulfilling the same job description you held prior to the incident.

In such cases, it is the moral and legal responsibility of your employer to adjust your employment to a light-duty position.

By doing so, your employer is complying with the law and ensuring your continued acquisition of both medical and disability benefits in the event that your performance level remains impacted following your maximum medical improvement diagnosis.

Alternatively, if your injuries impede you from returning to work for the remainder of your life, then as a beneficiary of workers’ comp insurance, you are entitled to claim permanent disability benefits.

In this case, your entitlement to temporary disability benefits comes to a halt and you will be eligible to receive permanent disability benefits for your injuries.

Following a medical assessment, whereby your doctor deems that you have obtained the maximum medical restoration possible, you may encounter difficulty in resuming work and fulfilling the same job description you held prior to the incident.

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