Workers’ Compensation Benefits in Brandon

Any job related bodily losses to an employee must be given workers’ compensation benefits in Brandon using workers’ compensation insurance. Its primary function is to ensure the injured or ill employee has received the medical attention, lost wages, and other workers’ compensation benefits. If you sustained occupational injuries, you may qualify for these benefits.

According to the Florida workers’ compensation act, an employee is entitled to receive workers’ comp for lost wages, treatment expenses, temporary and permanent disability, and death. Although this is the case, your employer insurance carrier will not be happy to spend money on compensation. For this reason, the insurance carrier will be willing to go the extra mile to find loopholes to either deny or reduce the compensation amount.

Because insurance companies use different techniques to save money and look for ways to lower the workers’ compensation benefits in Brandon, you will benefit greatly from the services of a professional workers’ compensation lawyer.

At Work Injury Rights, we have a team of experienced Brandon workers’ compensation lawyers who have specialized in workers’ compensation claims. We have a combined experience of 45 years. In fact, some of our lawyers previously worked for insurance companies, and as such, we know the techniques and the mindset insurance companies have.

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What Are the Florida Workers’ Compensation Income Limits?

The maximum workers’ comp income limit has been on an increasing trend since 1951. However, the minimum amount has stayed the same since 1972, which is $20, and will remain that way this year. This information is according to the Division of Workers Compensation in Florida.

On the other hand, the maximum weekly disability benefit for an injured employee in Florida will increase by $31 by 2021. The increase in workers’ comp income limit is governed by Florida Statute law 440.12 (2.), which states that the maximum weekly compensation rate for work-related injuries shall be equal to 100% of Florida’s average weekly wage and rounded to the nearest dollar.

Last year, the Florida Division of Workers Compensation saw an increase in the weekly wage statewide. Back in 2018, the maximum weekly income rate was $917; in 2019, the maximum weekly income rate was $939; and in 2020, the maximum weekly income rate was $971. As of January 1st, 2021, the maximum weekly income limit will be $1,011.

What does this mean? Well, it means that if a worker gets injured this year (2021), the maximum amount they may get is $1,011. However, if a worker was injured last year (2020), their maximum weekly income limit will be $971.

What Are the Types of Workers’ Compensation Benefits in Brandon?

A worker is entitled to receive workers’ compensation benefits as long as their injury is considered a compensable work injury. Of course, the kind of benefit a worker will get will differ based on the type of disability.

Generally, there are four types of disabilities in Florida that include:

Temporary Total Disability Benefits (TTD)

In Florida, TTD benefits are available to a worker who cannot temporarily return to work due to their injuries. Temporary total disability benefits come with a 7-day grace or waiting period. This means the worker will not be paid for the first 7 days not unless the injury lasts more than 21 days. TTD benefits are awarded up to a maximum of 104 weeks or until when maximum medical improvement is reached.

Temporary Partial Disability Benefits (TPD)

In Florida, TPD benefit is awarded to workers who can return to work but with medical restrictions and earn less than 80% of what they did before the injury. It is important to note that temporary partial disability benefits will be paid at 80% of the difference between the previous and current wages.

Permanent Partial Disability Benefits (PPD)

PPD is awarded when the injury has a permanent impairment. As such, the doctor will assign the injury an impairment rating. The rating is provided in percentage, and that percentage will be used to calculate the amount of benefit a person qualifies to receive. However, it is important to remember that the impairment benefit will be paid at 75% of the worker’s temporary total disability rate.

Permanent Total Disability Benefits (PTD)

After treatment, the treating physician will examine for permanent disability. If a permanent disability is determined that you have a total and permanent disability, you may continue to recover workers’ compensation benefits for life.

How Are Florida Workers’ Compensation Benefits Calculated?

Workers’ compensation benefits in Brandon are calculated as 2/3 of a workers’ average weekly earnings over the previous 13 weeks. However, it is important to note that it cannot exceed the set maximum weekly income limit. In 2021, the maximum weekly income amount a worker can receive is $1,011.

It is important to remember that temporary total disability benefits come with a 7 day waiting period that the worker will not get the income benefit. The worker will only get paid for the first 7-day income benefits if the injuries prevent him/her from going to work for more than 21 days. It is awarded to a maximum period of 104 weeks or until maximum medical improvement (MMI) is declared.

The state of Florida’s official website for workers’ compensation, has a workers’ compensation benefits calculator that can assist you with figuring out your benefits.

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Are Workers’ Compensation Benefits in Brandon Taxed?

NO! Any benefit given to a worker through workers’ compensation insurance is not taxable, either at the state or federal levels. They are exempted from tax.

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