Why Can’t You See Your Primary Doctor After a Work Injury?

South Florida workers’ compensation lawyers understand how frustrating it can be to be told you must see a company-approved doctor after a work injury. The truth is that there’s nothing your attorney can do about this. This is the law in just about all fifty states. There’s nothing so extraordinary about your case that the courts will be willing to change the law. Your attorney can certainly request a second opinion from a different doctor, but your treatment must be provided by the workers’ comp doctor.

One of the questions our clients ask is whether they can switch over to their own primary doctor after a work injury. Sadly, the answer is no. You don’t have a choice in who you receive treatment from. Since your employer’s insurance company is covering the treatment, they get to choose who provides that treatment.

If You Don’t Comply with This Work Injury Rule, Your Benefits May Be Denied

If you see a doctor other than the one assigned to your case for your work injury, there’s a good chance your claim will be denied. The workers’ compensation laws in Florida are similar to the laws in every other state. They require that you be treated by an approved doctor. If you fail to do so, you won’t be entitled to benefits.

Your South Florida workers’ compensation lawyer can always try to remedy this for you. They can work with the insurance company and have you meet with the company-approved doctor for your work injury. If this is successful, then you’ll need to follow the rules. Otherwise, you won’t receive replacement wages while you’re out of work and your medical care won’t be covered. Once your primary health insurance realizes your care is the result of a workplace accident, they’ll insist that you see the workers’ comp doctor.

If Needed, Your Florida Workers’ Compensation Lawyer Can Get a Second Opinion On Your Work Injury

At a certain point, your doctor is going to determine that you’ve reached maximum medical improvement. This just means that you’ve reached the point at which further treatment won’t help you. When this happens, your doctor will issue a few determinations. First, they’ll likely say that you’re ready to return to work after your work injury. If there are any work restrictions, they’ll make this clear in their final recommendations.

They’re also the person who will determine what your percentage of permanent disability is. For example, imagine you suffered a shoulder injury. Your doctor determines that you will never be able to use more than 50% of your normal range of motion. This means your South Florida workers’ compensation lawyer will work to negotiate a final settlement of your case. If they feel the doctor’s numbers are low, they’ll arrange for you to get a second opinion.

Employers Have a Say in Who Will Provide this Treatment

You have to realize that your employer is paying for your medical care. From the moment you report your accident or injury, your employer and their insurance company will be on the hook for your treatment costs. It’s only natural that they have a say in the doctor who will provide your work injury treatment.

Keep in mind, your employer isn’t randomly choosing a doctor. They don’t have a doctor on retainer who will lie about their employees’ injuries. These are doctors who have been certified by the State of Florida to serve as workers comp physicians. They aren’t going to risk their license in order to help your employer save a few dollars.

If You Have Concerns, Call and Speak with One of Our Experienced Florida Workers’ Compensation Lawyers

Whether you’ve just filed your claim or have been waiting to receive benefits for months, you may need help with your workers’ comp claim. One of the issues a lot of our clients have is being treated by a company-approved doctor. They want to see their own, primary doctor and don’t want to hear anything different. If you ignore the workers’ comp rules when it comes to your doctor, your benefits will be denied. Even if you’re already receiving benefits, they’ll be terminated or suspended.

Rather than risk this happening, call our office as soon as possible after your work injury. Meet with one of our South Florida workers’ compensation lawyers. They can answer any questions you may have. They can give you an idea of what you may be entitled to. The initial consultation is free, so you have nothing to lose. Just call our office and set up a date and time that works for you.