Reporting a Work Injury in Lakeland

While most jobs are designed to be safe, a workplace injury can be inevitable. Reporting the incident is one of the most critical steps to take after a workplace injury. It is essential as it paves the way for victims to receive the necessary treatment and benefits, plus more help from Lakeland, Florida Workers Compensation Reporting an on the job injury. Our Workers compensation team can help you achieve the justice that you deserve from you injury.

But, reporting a workplace injury is not enough – it must be done on time.

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How Long Do I Have To Report A Work Injury In Lakeland, Florida?

Workplace injuries are common in Florida, like elsewhere in the world. So, how long do you have to report a workplace injury in Lakeland, Florida?

According to Florida’s Workers Compensation law, individuals must report on the job injuries as soon as possible but not later than 30 days after the injury. If one does not report the injury within this time limit, they could miss the benefits. So, anyone intending to get the benefits the law entitles must communicate about an injury as soon as possible.

Some individuals estimate the level of an injury, but it’s essential to report an injury, however minor it may seem. That’s because minor injuries can lead to severe conditions if they’re not treated well, and reporting the injury can help the individual receive the proper treatment. Another advantage of speaking out about an injury is that an employer can prepare on preventing such incidents in the future.

If one can’t report an injury, maybe because of their medical condition, they can let someone else report it. The representative can be a family member, an attorney, or a friend.

After reporting an injury, the employer should issue a Workers Compensation Claim Form, which the victim must complete and sign.

Who Do I Have To Report A Workplace Injury To?

It’s essential to know to whom to report the injury so that the following steps can begin, ensuring the victim is treated and compensated.

After an injury, an employee should first share the news of the injury with the immediate manager or supervisor. The communication should be done immediately (but not later than 30 days) to allow the manager or supervisor to take the appropriate steps.

If the manager or supervisor is missing, the victim should report to the next available manager or supervisor, depending on the leadership hierarchy at the organization or company. Again, It should take the least amount of time possible to allow for proper documentation of the accident.

If the injury is so severe that it needs immediate medical attention, the employee should call 911 or a hospital emergency room. After reaching a stable state, the individual should notify the company about the injury.

If the employee can’t report the issue, someone else can do it, provided they offer the correct details and information about the accident.

Employer Responsibilities After a Workplace Injury - Work Injury Rights | Lakeland

Employer Responsibilities After A Workplace Injury

There are various responsibilities an employer must fulfill after an employee reports an injury. Here’s what an employer must do:

Offer Immediate Medical Attention

Employers must provide quick medical attention when an employee is injured. It can include first aid, calling 911, or driving them to the nearest medical facility. Employers must offer assistance immediately, as delays can lead to complications or death.

Reporting the Injury to the Insurance Carrier

Employers must report the injury to the workers compensation insurance carrier immediately. The insurance carrier will then find out more about the injury to determine the benefits the victim is entitled to receive.

Give Temporary Disability Benefits

If the injury is severe and hinders the employee from working, the employer can provide temporary disability benefits. It means the employee gets a portion of their wages until they get better and return to their job.

Accommodating Medical-Related Limitations

If the injury prevents an employee from performing various duties at work, the employer should accommodate the employee’s needs. For instance, the employer may transfer the employee to more suitable positions to avoid strain or further injury.

Maintaining a Safe Workplace

Employers should immediately address the cause of the accident to prevent further incidents. An employer can ensure a safe environment by offering training on how to use workplace tools, offering safety equipment, and more.

Employers should try as much as possible to help employees injured at work. It’s also their responsibility to address potential hazards to prevent more injuries.

Construction workers Reporting a work Injury

Employee Responsibility After A Work Injury in Lakeland

Employees also have a role to play after being injured. The following are some employee responsibilities after a workplace injury.

Reporting the Injury

An injured employee should report the injury to the employer immediately. Failing to communicate about a workplace injury on time can lead to health complications and affect the individual’s eligibility for compensation.

Seeking Medical Help

Injuries must be treated immediately, so an employee must seek medical assistance as soon as they’re involved in an accident. They can call 911 or ask someone to rush them to a medical center. Even when the injury seems minor, it’s important to visit a health expert to determine the damage caused by accident and recommend the right treatment.

Share Accurate Information

Reporting an injury may not help unless the victim gives factual information. With the correct information, the employer will know the proper steps to ensure the employee’s well-being.

Adhere to the Treatment Plan

While an employer can try to help an injured employee, it’s the employee’s role to follow the prescribed treatment to ensure recovery. It can include taking medication as advised and showing up for appointments.

Keeping in Touch with the Employer

The employee should notify the employer about their progress during their recovery phase. They should also share information about any medical restrictions that arise. With all this information, the employer can make any changes necessary to accommodate the employee at the job when they get better.

Resume Work After Recovery

Once the employee receives clearance from a doctor and feels ready to return to work, they should do just that. But they must notify the employer about any new requirements following their condition, for instance, the need for off days to attend medical check-ups.

Preventing Further Injury

Although the employer will take steps to ensure a safer workplace, it’s also the employee’s responsibility to prevent further injury. They can be safe by using safety equipment, following safety protocols, and reporting hazards to the employer.

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Employees should report their work injury immediately to get medical attention and also allow the process of seeking compensation to start. And for everything to get back to normal or at least be better after a workplace injury, the employer and employee have roles to play.

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