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You may be eligible for compensation if you or someone you love sustained a Compensable Work Injury in Riverview. You can learn more about your possible eligibility by calling Riverview, Florida Workers’ Compensation Compensable Injuries at 954-833-5226.

Each case will be evaluated on its own merit. No two cases are alike. If you’re injured on the job, you deserve compensation for your injuries and your other medical needs. Don’t try to do it alone.

Our services offer comprehensive help to those who have been injured. However, First seek medical assistance for your injuries as soon as possible. Keep copies of all the paperwork you fill out and the doctor’s instructions and diagnoses.

Closely Follow their instructions so that you can fully recover and you can properly file your claim. Keep copies of all of your paperwork for your attorney. Follow your company’s specific protocol for reporting your injuries to your supervisor. These instructions should be displayed near your time clock or on the break room wall.

You’ll need to report your injuries to your supervisor within thirty days of your injury, preferably within seven days of your injury.

Always ensure that you follow your job’s requirements for reporting your injuries. You don’t want to risk invalidating your potential Workers’ Compensation filing by not being in compliance with your company’s requirements for reporting your injuries.

Keep copies of your report for your own records and for your attorney as well.

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Ensure you are collecting all documents needed for your Compensable Work Injury lawyer to process and prepare.

What are compensable injuries in Riverview?

Injuries that happen while you’re at work are considered to be compensable Work Injuries and may be eligible for workers’ compensation. If the injuries happen on a lunch break or a regular break and are not during the routine performance of your job, they may not be compensable.

It’s important to note that even a job that doesn’t seem dangerous may have an element of danger. Desk jobs and other jobs also carry the potential for risk.

We’ve compiled a list of common injuries that may happen at the workplace. Regardless of the job title, every job carries with it an element of risk.

Machinery Injuries: Any injury that occurs while operating machinery falls into this category.

  • Slips and Falls: Any injury that occurs due to a slip or fall.
  • Construction sites: Injuries that occur whilst on a construction site.
  • Fallen Objects: If something falls and injures someone, it falls under this category.
  • Chemical or Heat Burns: This includes inhalation of chemicals and other burns.
  • Cars or Equipment: Forklifts and other equipment may cause injuries on the job.
  • Industrial Accidents: Accidents that happen while you’re on the job may be considered industrial accidents.
  • Back Injuries: Injuries to the back.
  • Neck Injuries: Injuries to the neck.
  • Joint pain: Pain in the joints due to repetitive tasks while on the job.
  • Joint injuries: Injuries to joints due to overexertion.
  • Fractures: Any kind of fracture that happens while at work.
  • Machinery malfunctions: Injuries that occur due to machinery malfunctions.
  • Tool malfunctions: Injuries that occur due to tool malfunctions.
  • Repetitive motion: Carpal tunnel and other repetitive motion-type injuries.
  • Business Travel: Any injury due to travel, not including your commute to and from work.
  • Hearing Loss: If you’re not wearing proper earplugs, you may not be able to claim this one. Always wear your protective gear.
  • Loss of Limbs: Including fingers or toes whilst on the job.
  • Overexertion: Any overuse or overexertion whilst on the job.

a victim of a Compensable Work Injury is filling her claim with her lawyer

What types of compensation can you claim?

In the state of Florida, you can claim Medical Benefits, Physical Rehabilitation Benefits, Vocational Rehabilitation Benefits, Wage Compensation, Death Benefits, and more. Your benefit amount will be determined by the type of disability you have suffered.

Temporary total, temporary partial, or permanent total disability will determine the compensation you can claim.

How long do you have to file a workers’ compensation claim in Riverview, Florida?

If you sustain an injury on the job in Florida, it is essential to report it to your employer immediately, but no later than 30 days after the incident. Failure to do so may jeopardize your eligibility for workers’ compensation benefits.

Typically, employers require notification within 7 days of the incident, and the protocol for reporting injuries should be prominently displayed in the workplace.

If you have been injured on the job, you may be eligible for a Compensable Work Injury claim. Our experienced attorneys can assist you in preparing and filing your claim to ensure you receive the compensation you deserve.

Don’t forget, To strengthen your case, it is essential to keep copies of all medical reports related to your Compensable Work injury and follow your doctor’s recovery instructions. Taking photographs of your injury and the accident site can also be helpful.

Every employer in Florida is required to have workers’ compensation insurance, and non-compliance may lead to significant financial liability.

If you have been injured on the job in Riverview, FL, don’t hesitate to contact us at 954-833-5226 to schedule your free consultation. The sooner we start working on your case, the sooner you can receive the compensation you need to recover from your compensable Work Injury.

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