Industrial / Manufacturing Accidents

Industrial and manufacturing workers face some of the most dangerous workplaces in Florida. The nature of these jobs exposes workers to a range of hazards including harmful chemicals, heavy machinery, flammable materials, intense heat, and more. There were also 122,000 workers who suffered non-fatal industrial / manufacturing accidents in 2015 alone.

Have you been seriously injured in industrial / manufacturing accidents in Florida? You may be entitled to workers’ compensation benefits to help with your medical bills and lost wages. A workers’ compensation lawyer at Work Injury Rights can help you file your claim, prove the extent of your injuries, and fight for the full compensation you deserve. Call today at 954-833-5226.

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Common Industrial / Manufacturing Accidents in Florida

Accidents in manufacturing and industrial settings are, unfortunately, all too common. Workers face dangerous work environments on a daily basis. Your life can be forever changed by a workplace accident as well as your ability to work. Some of the most common industrial / manufacturing accidents involve:

Industrial and manufacturing workers can face serious injuries that may result in high medical expenses. Manufacturing workers can suffer permanent hearing loss from loud workplace noises, knee injuries and amputation from equipment accidents, back injuries from falls, and burn injuries from chemicals. Have you been injured in a manufacturing or industrial accident? A Florida workers’ comp lawyer can help you build your claim for the full benefits you deserve.

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Florida Workers’ Compensation for Manufacturing and Industrial Accidents

When you suffer an injury in an industrial or manufacturing accident in Florida, you are typically entitled to benefits under the workers’ compensation system. Your employer should carry workers’ compensation insurance which can pay for several types of benefits:

  • Medical benefits for reasonable medical expenses related to your injuries
  • Lost wages to replace a portion of the income you lose while you recover
  • Disability benefits if you are left with a temporary or permanent partial or total disability after your accident

Workers’ compensation is a no-fault system. This means it does not matter who caused your accident or if you contributed to your injuries as long as it occurred in connection with your job, with very few exceptions. While this should make it easy to receive workers’ comp benefits, the truth is more complicated.

For-profit workers’ compensation carriers and your employer may fight your claim or try to minimize the benefits you can receive. They will choose the doctor you see who decides when you are recovered if you are disabled, and the severity of your injuries. They may claim you are not seriously injured or fully recovered, despite the facts.

A workers’ compensation lawyer in Florida can help you every step of your claims process to protect your rights and fight for the full benefits you are entitled to receive. From filing your claim and building evidence to disputing an undervalued or denied claim, your Florida workers’ comp lawyer will serve as your advocate to protect your best interests.

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