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Machinery Accidents

Many workers, especially those in construction, manufacturing, industrial, and skilled trade industries, use specialized machinery on a daily basis. While heavy machinery can make difficult work easier and more efficient, machinery poses a high risk of injury. Every year, thousands of workers suffer serious injuries such as crush injuries and traumatic amputation due to machinery accidents in the workplace.

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Common Causes of Machinery Accidents in Florida

Machinery accidents happen every day in Florida, leaving hundreds of workers with serious injuries. Machinery accidents also frequently lead to workplace accidents. There are many reasons a machinery accident may occur.

Common causes of Florida machinery accidents include:

  • Insufficient training: Sometimes employers allow employees to use machinery without the proper training which can be very dangerous.
  • Faulty machinery: When machinery is not properly maintained or does not have sufficient safety guards, it can be considered faulty and increase the risk of injuries.
  • Lack of protective gear: Wearing the correct protective gear, such as safety goggles or a hard hat, can reduce the risks of using heavy machinery.

Heavy machinery accidents come in many forms. Machinery accidents frequently involve flying or falling objects, caught in or between accidents, and crushing accidents that cause amputation or other serious injuries. Common injuries in a workplace machinery accident include:

Machinery accidents, worker with finger stuck in machine

Florida Machinery Accidents and Workers’ Compensation

When you are injured in a machinery accident on the job, you are entitled to file a workers’ compensation claim for benefits. Workers’ compensation is a no-fault system that allows you to recover compensation for your medical bills, lost wages, and disability.

Despite being a no-fault system, workers’ compensation is far from straightforward. Florida has very pro-employer laws that allow your employer and their workers’ comp insurance carrier to choose the physician you will see. This doctor will decide if you are injured, the severity of your injuries, when you are recovered and able to return to work, and the severity of your disability.

Do not let the insurance company undervalue your claim or deny you the benefits you deserve. Machinery accidents can have life-changing consequences and incur painful injuries with expensive medical costs. At Work Injury Rights, we will serve as your legal advocate to protect your rights, assist with every step of your workers’ compensation claim, and fight for the maximum benefits you are entitled to receive.

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Schedule a Free Case Review Today Regarding Your Work Related Machinery Accident

A machinery accident can change your life. You may be facing a difficult and painful recovery, life-changing injuries, and an inability to return to your job. The last thing you should be worried about is a complicated claims process and arguments with the insurance company. One of our trusted workers’ comp attorneys Work Injury Rights can be a crucial asset to help you recover the benefits you are entitled to receive. Contact Work Injury Rights today to schedule your free case review.