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Should I Speak to a Lawyer First About Workers’ Compensation Benefits?

When you fall victim to an accident or injury on the job, before pursuing workers’ compensation benefits, the first course of action you should take is to get emergency medical treatment if necessary. After addressing your immediate health, you should then formally report the injury to your employer:

  • Your employer should have you fill out an accident/injury report (in writing, not verbally) with your company’s human
    resources department.
  • Report your injury to the proper work authority and request they complete the notice of injury as quickly as possible,
    ensuring your workers’ compensation claim transitions to your employer’s insurance carrier in a timely manner.
  • Once reported, seek medical treatment as needed for your injury. Make sure all treatment is appropriately documented
    in the event your employer or their insurance carrier challenges your workers’ compensation claim.

For many who are injured on the job, the next question which comes to mind is whether or not you should speak to a lawyer regarding your workers’ compensation injury and benefits. The short answer is yes, in most cases. An experienced workers’ compensation attorney will give you expert legal advice and help you maximize the benefits you deserve following an injury on the job.

Let’s explore the benefits of discussing your workers’ compensation claim with a trustworthy workers’ compensation attorney.

Workers’ Compensation: When You Need an Attorney

Even for situations that appear uncomplicated, you should know that most workers’ compensation attorneys offer free consultations to potential clients. In doing so, the attorney can explain the process, possible issues, and advise you honestly regarding how to handle the claim either on your own or with their help.

If your workers’ compensation claim presents any level of complexity, you should hire a knowledgeable workers’ compensation lawyer.

Denied Claim

For example, if your employer and workers’ compensation insurance carrier reject your claim, you will want to have an attorney help with the appeal. This denial of benefits happens often, and your attorney can help you get the settlement you deserve.

Settlement Offer Too Low

Other times, the settlement offered by your employer and the insurance company doesn’t cover your lost wages and medical bills. In this situation, your workers’ compensation lawyer will see you get a fair deal and the best settlement possible.

Medical Issues & Disability

In some cases, medical issues resulting from your injuries can prevent you from returning to your former position, limit your ability to work, or even permanently prevent you from working again. With partial or total permanent disability, you may be entitled to a lump-sum payment or weekly payments.

An experienced workers’ compensation attorney is crucial to helping you receive the benefits you need and deserve following permanent injury or illness. Additionally, they can also help with minimizing or eliminating any offset that might occur in the future should you apply for Social Security disability payments.

Employer Retaliation

Another instance in which you need a proficient workers’ compensation lawyer is in the event your employer retaliates against you as a result of your workers’ compensation claim. Examples include firing or demotion, cut hours, or reduced pay, as well as other forms of discrimination for which you need an attorney to protect your rights.

Injuries Due to Employer Misconduct or a Third Party’s Actions

Finally, if you were injured due to employer misconduct or a third party’s actions—such as a negligent driver crashing into you while you were on duty—you may need to sue outside of your workers’ compensation claim, meaning you will need a skilled workers’ compensation lawyer to guide you.

The Benefits of Hiring an Experienced Workers’ Compensation Lawyer

When you have suffered an on-the-job injury, hiring an experienced attorney—such as those at WorkInjuryRights.Com—will ensure your rights are protected and you get the settlement you deserve. A knowledgeable attorney will gather the evidence to support your case, negotiate with the workers’ compensation insurance carrier on your behalf, and prepare your settlement agreement with your best interests in mind. In addition, should your claim require a hearing or trial for a fair settlement, your attorney will prepare your case and represent you.

Whether your claim remains minor or becomes more complex, you should call on the experienced workers’ compensation attorneys at WorkInjuryRights.Com for assistance. With offices covering all of South Florida, they widely offer the legal expertise and representation necessary to help you get the settlement you deserve.

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