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How to Find the Best Tampa Workers Compensation Lawyer

Filing a workers comp claim is complicated, and you could miss out on benefits you deserve without legal guidance. If you’ve never had to hire a workers compensation lawyer, you may have no idea how to go about it.

How do you find the best workers comp lawyer in Tampa? We’ll explain what you should look for in a workers compensation lawyer and what makes Work Injury Right the best choice to handle your case.

Look for an Experienced Workers Compensation Lawyer

When a lawyer first graduates from law school, they often don’t know what type of law they want to practice. When it’s your livelihood and health that is on the line, you can’t afford to hire an attorney who isn’t experienced in workers compensation law.

The work injury attorneys at our firm not only have decades of combined experience. They also have the resources and skills necessary to ensure that you get the benefits you deserve.

Does the Law Firm Have Sufficient Staff and Resources to Handle Your Claim?

There’s nothing wrong with smaller, boutique firms. However, you want to make sure that the person handling your workers’ compensation claim has the resources needed to stand up to the insurance company.

To properly handle your claim, your lawyer must dedicate sufficient time to both preparing your case and negotiating with the insurance company. They will need to find out if you’re receiving the correct benefits.

To do these things, your workers compensation attorney in Tampa must have the requisite staff and resources. The last thing you want to do is hire a lawyer who is so worried about chasing down new clients that they can’t focus on your case.

The Best Workers Comp Attorneys Return Your Calls and Emails

When you hire a work injury attorney in Tampa, you expect them to return your phone calls. The same goes for texts and emails. When your lawyer doesn’t reply within a reasonable time, you get the impression that they don’t care about you.

The attorneys at our firm understand this. They always do their best to get back to a client as quickly as possible. Whether you have a question or just want to get a status update on your case, you shouldn’t be worried about contacting our office.

Will Your Lawyer Be Able to Negotiate With the Insurance Company?

If your claim is denied, or if you end up with a permanent disability, you’ll need a Tampa workers comp lawyer who knows how to negotiate. Some attorneys are intimidated by the large insurance carriers. They aren’t assertive enough to get their clients the compensation they deserve.

You want to be represented by someone who has been there before and knows exactly what they’re doing. Thankfully, after being in practice for years, our workers comp lawyers have learned the tactics insurance companies use and how to deal with them.

Tampa workers compensation attorney

You Need a Workers Comp Lawyer Who Provides Updates on Your Case

While you’re out of work recovering from your injury, your workers’ compensation claim will stay open. However, there will be updates from time to time.

For example, at some point, your workers’ compensation doctor will declare that you’ve reached maximum medical improvement (MMI). Once this happens, you’ll be expected to return to work.

If you don’t feel that you’re ready to go back, you need to let your attorney know. Your attorney will reach out to the insurance carrier and tell them you need more time.

If your lawyer isn’t experienced, they may not know that they can do this. With so much at stake, you want someone who knows how to prove that you need further medical care.

The Best Workers Compensation Attorneys Listen to You

Once you reach MMI, one of two things will happen. You will either return to work, either in your original position or a modified position. Or you will be declared permanently disabled.

If you do suffer a disability, you will likely be entitled to compensation. Your attorney will try to negotiate a settlement with the insurance company. This way, you won’t have to wait to collect weekly benefits for years on end.

If the insurance company offers a settlement that you feel is too low, you have a right to reject it. The last thing you want is for your workplace injury lawyer in Tampa to force you to accept it. Your attorney needs to listen to what you have to say since it’s your case they’re handling.

Choose a Work Injury Lawyer You’re Comfortable With

When you’re looking to hire one of the best workers compensation attorneys, it’s important that you find one you are comfortable with. If you don’t feel that your attorney has your best interests at heart, it will be hard to trust them.

Your relationship with your lawyer will be a long one. You want to make sure you and your attorney are on the same page. This way, you never feel awkward asking questions or asking your attorney to go back to the insurance company for more money.

Call the Best Work Compensation Lawyers in Tampa

Our Florida workers compensation lawyers understand that you need to focus on your recovery. That’s why we work hard to make sure your claim is handled properly from the start. Let us help you get the benefits you deserve.

We suggest you contact our office today at 954-833-5226 and schedule your free, initial consultation.