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Who’s at Fault For My Scaffolding Accident Injuries?

Getting injured at work can be traumatic, especially if you were involved in a scaffolding accident. You probably filled out the paperwork for your compensation a long time ago, started your treatment, but you are still waiting because the insurance companies and everyone else involved is trying to figure out who is at fault for your scaffolding accident injuries. A ton of other injuries are common with workers compensation cases. If you’re interested in learning more about what are some injuries that office workers suffer, visit this page 

Many people at this point are afraid that they may be at fault for an accident when they did not do anything wrong. They are confused and scared, and may even sign things that will not benefit them in the long run. It is best not to sign anything or talk to any lawyers that are not your own. Instead, work with a good lawyer, and they will help you to navigate your case. 

Work Injury Rights attorneys are here to help, so let’s break down what this all means.

Who Is at Fault in a Scaffolding Accident?


Job sites have to be extremely safe for everyone according to local, state, and federal laws. In addition, there are OSHA standards. Scaffolding is one area where the law is extremely thorough. That is because so many accidents can occur on scaffolding. When the standards of use are not met and someone gets injured while using the scaffolding, the employer must then take on full responsibility for the injury. 

The employer must prove that they:

  • Have trained their employees fully
  • Have installed safety rails and guards
  • Have extra support in the middle of the scaffolding
  • Have full planks and complete platforms
  • Perform daily mandatory safety inspections of all scaffolding
  • Provide safety ropes, lanyards, and harnesses
  • Have clear, safe, well-lit working environments

Defective scaffolding causes a lot of accidents and workplace injuries every year. And most often, employers are found at fault for the injuries. This does not mean that the employer is always to blame or even that they always end up with official liability. Sometimes, the employer’s lawyers will argue that you are liable for your own injuries because they were caused by your negligence or improper use.

What Can I Get If My Employer Is Found Liable for a Scaffolding Accident?


If your employer is found liable for your injuries, you can seek benefits for the following:

  • Medical expenses
  • Lost wages due to missed time
  • Pain and suffering
  • Loss of normal life
  • Wrongful death, in some cases

It is important to have a knowledgeable lawyer by your side, so you have the best chance of receiving the benefits that you deserve.

Lawsuits Resulting from a Fall From a Scaffold


In order to win a lawsuit for harm caused by a fall from a scaffold, a lawyer needs to put in a lot of work. This is because a worker must prove the following three elements:

  1. The defendant (the employer) had a duty to provide for the safety of the worker
  2. The defendant did not fulfill that duty
  3. Negligence caused harm to the worker

Every subsequent bullet point requires the one before it to be proven.

Call Work Injury Rights Attorneys Today to Fight Back


If you have been in a scaffolding accident and want to get your life back on track, our lawyers can help you. You do not have to allow this mistake or negligence to dictate the rest of your life. Our team of lawyers will help you to fight back against any false claims. We will work for you, uncover information, and get you the benefits you so rightly deserve. 

Contact Work Injury Rights attorneys today for a free consultation about your specific situation, so we can give you information that is pertinent to your case. We have years of experience in dealing with scaffolding accidents and other workplace injuries.