Who Is at Fault in a Work-Related Car Accident?

A work-related car accident can happen at any moment, but it isn’t always handled in the best ways. If you are looking to maximize your benefits and get back to work and feeling your healthiest, we can help.

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Were You in a Work-Related Car Accident?

Anyone who is a driver in a work-related car accident still faces all of the same legal impacts as if they weren’t on the job. However, the driver’s employer could be liable for any vehicle damage resulting from the accident. However, it isn’t always as clear-cut as it may seem.

If you were in a car accident on the job, there are some things you need to know. 

Who Is Liable in a Work-Related Car Accident?

Under something known as “vicarious liability,” a term used in personal injury law, an employer can be held liable when an employee’s conduct ends up harming someone else, even if they work for the same company. 

This form of liability applies whether the injured person was driving a vehicle, a person walking on the streets, someone in the car, or a passenger in the other car. 

If you would like to know more about how your Workers Comp Lawyer prove that you were injured on the job, visit this FAQ Page

What Does “On the Job” Mean?

Whether or not someone qualifies as being “on the job,” is more complicated than it may seem. Anyone who is performing duties related to work, the person can be considered on the job. This is even if someone is driving their own car or doing personal business at the same time.

For example, running into a gas station for a coffee isn’t work-related, but if the employee was also picking up printed out posters for his or her job on the way, that could be considered “on the job.”

Sometimes It Requires Dealing with Insurance Companies

If you were injured in a work-related car accident or involved in an accident “on the job” it can be frustrating because sometimes insurance companies take a long time to figure out the details of what happened. Most drivers also have personal liability car insurance coverage, so those companies have to get involved as well. The more companies involved, the messier it is going to be.

Sometimes, drivers do not have enough car insurance or no car insurance at all. There is no simple answer to most of these questions and it is best to have a lawyer help guide you through everything, including determining who is at fault for the car accident and who is responsible for the resulting injuries and their losses.

Sometimes, the answer to whether or not an employee was “on the job” will have a lot to do with determining who was liable for the accident. If the only available insurance is through the workplace, then it becomes imperative for a lawyer to help you.

How Can WorkInjuryRights.Com™ Help?

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