The 3 Most Common Construction Accident Injuries in Florida

In a perfect world, doing your job should not put you at risk of an injury. However, that’s not the world we live in, and it’s common to suffer a work injury. Some professions are more prone to workplace injuries than others, and construction is one of them. Suffering a construction accident is common because construction workers usually deal with heavy equipment and several other hazards daily.

Construction sites can be really dangerous, especially when the proper safety standards are not practiced. A construction accident can result in a scratch, serious injury, or even death. Unfortunately, there is also a range of construction accident injuries out there. To help you better understand, our South Florida construction accident lawyers will explain some of the injuries construction workers might sustain in an accident.

Three Most Common Construction Accident Injuries

Below are the top three injuries common in construction sites.

Head Injuries

In a construction accident, it’s common to suffer a head injury. On sites, the risk of getting hit by falling debris is quite high. It could either leave a mark or end up causing a headache. Unfortunately, there are instances where a head injury ends up being quite deadly to the victim. One category of construction site head injuries is traumatic brain injuries. If the brain bleeds or gets bruised, it could cause permanent damage to the victim.

When you suffer a head injury, you should get a doctor to examine you immediately. Also, avoiding head injuries requires wearing the proper safety equipment. One such piece of equipment is the hardhat, and it could prevent severe brain trauma for you.

Burn Injuries

Another type of construction accident injury that could take place is a burn injury. Those who work in a construction site usually deal with high temperatures. Therefore, a common occurrence is a burn injury. Additionally, electrocutions also take place and could lead to a burn. Note that electrical tools and water don’t miss. Also, keep the site free of debris and avoid live wires because they can lead to a burn injury.

Back Injuries

Construction can be quite laborious. There’s constant bending, climbing, and twisting. All these actions could lead to back pain and other back injuries. Most times, construction workers tend to ignore this back pain believing it’s a strain that will disappear. However, when there’s damage to your back muscles, it could compromise the support structure of the spinal cord. If you damage your spinal cord, the result could be death or paralysis. To avoid back injuries, you should always use the right safety braces.

Seeking Workers’ Compensation for a Construction Accident Injury

If you work at a construction site and suffer work injuries, you deserve compensation for your injuries. To begin the claim process,  inform your employer about the injury and ensure you have a written report for it. If your employer and their insurer approve the claim, you’ll receive medical benefits and wage loss benefits.

You may also receive vocational benefits if your situation calls for them. Note that if your wound leads to a disability that keeps you from working, the wage loss benefit will include future wages you would have earned if not for the disability. One thing is sure; your financial stability doesn’t have to change because of a work-related accident.

If your employer and their insurer deny your claim, take the following steps:

  • Contact the Florida Bureau of Employee Assistance and Ombudsman. They will try to resolve the dispute and get you benefits. However, they seldom succeed.
  • If the bureau fails, file a Petition for Benefits with the Office of the Judges of Compensation Claims (OJCC).
  • The OJCC will schedule a meeting for mediation before the hearing.
  • If the mediation fails, you will have a hearing at the OJCC, and the judge will issue a ruling that will favor you or your employer.
  • If the ruling doesn’t favor you, the law allows you to make a final appeal to the First District Court of Appeal. It might take a year to get a decision, but once given, it is final, and you have to abide by it.

Contact a Work Injury Rights Lawyer Now!

If you get injured while performing your regular work duties, you may be able to file a workers’ compensation claim. When there’s a construction accident injury, a knowledgeable Florida workers’ compensation lawyer can help you through the formal process of a claim. We will ensure that you recover the money paid for medical treatments and every other benefit you’re entitled to. Contact us today for a free case review.