Workers’ Compensation Benefits in Coral Gables

An accident at work can seriously affect your life and physical health. As well as your finances, career, and general well-being. Workers’ compensation benefits in Coral Gables aims to offset some of these losses, helping you to recover faster. Typically, workers’ compensation settles all the medical bills for accidents and injuries that are work-related.

In addition, rehabilitation compensation caters the treatment costs like physical therapy. If the worker who has an accident or illness at work cannot get back to his previous job, they may also be entitled to vocational benefits from the insurance. However, navigating the process to get workers’ compensation benefits in Coral Gables can be overwhelming you as you recover.

Fortunately, as experienced workers’ comp attorneys in Coral Gables, Florida, we can help you complete the necessary legal processes to receive your benefits. Contact us at 954-833-5226 to find out possible ways to help you receive the maximum workers’ compensation benefits after a job-related injury.

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What Are the Florida Workers’ Compensation Income Limits?

While workers’ compensation only pays a fraction of lost earnings, the workers’ comp benefits are tax-free in most cases. You also cannot be compensated for the suffering and pain resulting from the accident or injury. While it may seem unfair, it is part of the salary of the employee wage system.

It is possible to obtain the workers’ compensation benefits faster by not filing legal action or proving that your employer is responsible for the damage. However, you are less likely to be compensated for the total amount of losses. You can take legal action outside of the workers’ compensation system. This allows you to seek more comprehensive compensation that can include the suffering and pain you have experienced as a result of your work-related accident or injury.

What Are the Types of Workers’ Compensation Benefits in Coral Gables?

If the work-related illness or injury led to a disability that temporarily or permanently prevents you from working, you might be entitled to wage compensation benefits. The amount of workers’ comp benefit you can obtain depends on your disability. If the injury results in death, your family can claim workers’ compensation benefits in Coral Gables.

Below, we break down the types of Florida workers’ compensation benefits:

Temporary Total Disability Benefits (TTD)

This disability type applies to situations where it is impossible to return to work due to injuries. During your temporary total disability, you obtain a benefit equal to two-thirds of your typical salary.

Temporary Partial Disability Benefits (TPD)

This disability type is when you can return to your job but only work with time limitations. If you can’t earn 80% or more of your previous wage rate, you can obtain temporary partial disability compensation benefits.

Permanent Partial Impairment Benefits (PPD)

If the injury is severe and your condition is unlikely to improve, you may be eligible for disability benefits. The doctor must certify that you have achieved maximum medical improvement based on their qualified professional judgment.

You will receive a disability score to assess your disability and a permanent employment restriction. Your compensation depends on your disability and your particular impairment condition.

Permanent Total Disability Benefits (PTD)

If your injuries caused by an injury or illness at work are severe enough to prevent you from returning to work even after achieving maximum medical improvement, you may be eligible for Florida permanent total disability benefits.

Death Benefits

Suppose the accident at work results in death within a year of the injury or five years after the resulting disability. In that case, your family may obtain death compensation, including dependent allowances, education benefits, and funeral expenses. For workers who die without relatives, the benefits only cover the funeral expenses. Also, beneficiaries of the deceased may receive part of the salary. The amount can be high, and we will help you find out what and how much of their workers’ compensation benefits you are owed if your loved one had an accident at work that resulted in death.

Workers' Compensation Benefits

How Are Workers’ Compensation Benefits in Coral Gables Calculated?

There are different types of employee compensation benefits in Florida that depend on the period without working and the severity of the injury. However, you will need to file an employee compensation claim to receive any of these workers’ compensation benefits in Coral Gables. Below is how to calculate these types of workers’ compensation benefits in Coral Gables:

Temporary Total Disability Benefits (TTD):

Are calculated by taking two-thirds of the average gross weekly wage for the salary 13 weeks before the injury. The maximum temporary disability benefit is $971 per week in Florida. Remember that you won’t obtain workers’ compensation benefits in Coral Gables during the first week unless your disability prevents you from working or limits your working ability for more than 21 days.

In the case of a more severe disability, the benefit can increase by up to 80% of the salary before the disability. In such situations, there is no maximum amount you can get.

Total Partial Disability Benefits (TPD)

You can receive these compensation benefits when you return to work with injury-related limitations. The PDT compensation is typically an 80% difference between an employee’s average weekly salary of 80% and what they can earn after an injury.

Permanent Impairment Benefits

The amount awarded for permanent impairment benefits is calculated by taking 75% of your temporary disability benefit. However, if you continue earning the exact amount before the accident, your benefits will reduce by 50%.

Permanent Total Disability Benefits (PTD)

These benefits equal the temporary disability rate of two-thirds weekly wage plus the annual cost-of-living adjustment (COLA) up to the age of 62 if you are also entitled to social security benefits.

Death Benefits

The benefit amount depends on the number of dependents. Still, it cannot exceed two-thirds of the weekly wage within the same limits as for a temporary disability or a total of $150,000. It also caters to up to $7,500 of funeral expenses.

Are Workers’ Compensation Benefits in Coral Gables Taxed?

There is no taxation on workers’ compensation benefits in Coral Gables in most cases, as Florida has no state income tax. Disability benefits, according to the Internal Revenue Code Section 104, are tax-free. In certain circumstances, compensation may be taxable, and we recommend you consult a tax specialist or us to check whether your situation is taxable.

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Florida, like many states, has workers’ compensation laws. Florida offers many employee benefits to ensure fair compensation in cases of injury or illness in the workplace. In such moments, it is advisable to look for legal representation from a qualified workers’ comp attorney in Coral Gables, Florida, as soon as possible.

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