Workers’ Compensation Claims Process in Coral Gables

Workers’ compensation insurance is designed to offer assistance to employees who have been injured or gotten ill while doing their jobs. If the workers’ compensation claims process in Coral Gables is successful, an employee will receive medical treatment, lost wages, and other benefits. However, since workers comp is a state-mandated insurance policy, all employees or workers must meet specific requirements for their claim process to be successful. This is also affected by the reporting time frame.

On the other hand, filing a workers’ compensation claim yourself can be one of the most challenging things you have ever tried to tackle. In fact, filing a workers’ compensation by yourself increases the likelihood of it being denied or failure to receive the medical attention you truly deserve. All this can be avoided by seeking the services of an experienced Coral Gables workers’ compensation lawyer.

At Work Injury Rights, we value our clients, and this is why we do everything possible to the extent of the law in order to protect their rights. This has made us the leading choice for representation in the workers’ compensation claims process in Coral Gables, Florida. We offer free consultation services and work on a contingency basis. Call us today at 954-833-5226 to learn more about your legal options and help us understand your case better.

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How Can I Know if My Injury Will Be Covered by a Workers’ Compensation Claim?

A majority of workers’ compensation claims are straightforward to all the parties involved. However, there are those that are unusual, which may make one wonder if they are covered in a workers’ comp claim. What you need to understand is that the workers’ compensation claims process in Coral Gables is determined by three main criteria that must be met. These are:

An Injury or Illness Must Be Present

This is the most basic requirement to begin the workers’ compensation claims process in Coral Gables. Note, any work-related accident that results in an employee’s property damage, but no injury does not warrant a workers’ compensation claim. The close call does not create a workers’ compensation claim regardless of how scared the employee is.

The Injury or Illness Must Come from a Work-Related Activity (During Course of Employment)

The injury or illness a worker gets must occur during employment. Therefore, if you get injured doing something else like playing sports or relaxing at home, that is not considered to be a compensable work injury.

The Injury Must Be As a Result of the Employment

This is a term that many fail to understand. In other words, it means the injury or illness must be work-related. Just because a worker or employee has been injured while on work does not mean it creates an opportunity to file a workers’ compensation claim. For example, an employee who has gone to lunch and somehow ends up being injured while eating does not warrant beginning the workers’ compensation claims process in Coral Gables. The activity is not work-related.

How Long Do I Have to File a Workers’ Compensation Claim in Florida?

When it comes to beginning the workers’ compensation claims process in Coral Gables, the first step is informing the employer. This must be done within 30 days after the injury or after you have discovered the injury or illness is work-related. If you fail to observe this deadline, you may lose some or all your benefits.

While informing the employer, it is wise to provide a detailed account possible on everything such as:

  • When the accident occurred
  • The way you were injured
  • The symptoms you are experiencing.

Form for workers' compensation claims process in Coral Gables, Florida

It is highly recommended you do this in writing if possible. The moment you do this; the employer has a duty to send you to an occupational doctor. According to workers’ compensation regulations in Florida, the employer has the right to get to choose the treating doctor, unless in emergencies. Provide the doctor with truthful information regarding your condition and the symptoms you are experiencing.

How to File the Workers’ Compensation Claim in Florida?

The workers’ compensation claim process in Coral Gables, Florida, must be followed to make it a success. If you are not sure of what to do, it is wise to seek legal counsel. Nevertheless, below are the steps to follow:

Report the Incident

The first step is reporting the incident or injury to your superiors. It is wise to do it in writing or record the details. Provide a detailed account of the incident. Do not forget that you only have 30 days to report the injury to your superiors. If the employer fails to report the injury, report yourself to the insurer.

Collect Evidence

The best way to do this is by taking photos of the accidents, the injuries you have sustained (if possible), and anything related.

Collect the Names and Contact Information of Any Witnesses

It is wise to collect the names and contact info of anyone who has witnessed the accident. This is highly important, especially for those who are on the job but outside of their typical working environment.

Seek Immediate Medical Attention

It is wise to seek immediate medical attention; if it is an emergency. If not, you should wait until you have reported the illness or injury to the employer. Do not forget you have to see the insurance carrier authorized physician.

Follow Up

Do not simply report the case and fail to follow it up. It is always wise to follow up with the insurance carrier to know if the employer reported the case. You will be given a ‘First Report of Injury or Illness form to fill and sign. Remember, the employer has only seven days to submit it to the insurance carrier.

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