Sadly, hotel work injuries are a problem. Central and South Florida are two of the United States’ largest tourist destinations and contribute a great deal to the local economy. More than 188,000 people in Florida are employed in hotels and motels, a sector that has only been growing for the last two decades. Hospitality is largely focused on customer satisfaction and workers face a great deal of pressure to deliver services and amenities to keep guests happy.

During the course of their work, many hotel employees, including housekeepers, front desk workers, and kitchen staff, incur serious hotel work injuries. Have you been injured in a work-related accident at a hotel or motel? A Florida workers’ compensation lawyer can help you build your claim and fight for the benefits you deserve.

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Common Hotel Work Injuries

Hotel room attendants may be invisible to the typical guest but they perform a grueling and physically challenging job. The average hotel housekeeper cleans 10-14 rooms per day and faces a 50% higher hotel work injuries rate than other hotel workers.

Housekeepers perform repetitive tasks such as lifting heavy, pillow-top beds to change sheets, vacuuming, carrying heavy linens, kneeling, and pushing carts. The average king-size bed weighs 100 pounds and many hotels don’t even provide fitted sheets. These tasks can give housekeepers debilitating injuries that may come with chronic pain and the need for surgery.

Common injuries among housekeepers include:

Injured On The Job- Riverview and Sarasota

According to the American Journal of Industrial Medicine, 47% of hotel housekeepers surveyed had severe or very severe pain in the last month. 84% took pain medication for work-related pain in the last month. About 87% had pain in the last year that was caused by or aggravated by their job.

Hotel work injuries, hotel maid on floor after fall

Workers’ Compensation Benefits for Hotel Work Injuries

If you were injured during the course of your work at a hotel, you can receive benefits through the workers’ compensation system. Workers’ compensation can cover medical bills and replace your lost wages while you recover or provide benefits if you are left disabled from your injuries.

While the workers’ compensation system is designed to help injured workers, you may face many challenges in making a successful claim. Your employer or the insurance carrier may argue that your injury is not actually work-related or state that you are fully recovered when you are not. A workers’ compensation lawyer in Florida can help you gather evidence to build your claim or represent you in an appeal if your workers’ comp claim is denied.

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More than 188,000 people in Florida are employed in hotels and motels. Hotel workers face long hours of difficult manual labor, often with pay that does not match the level of effort and high risk of hotel work injuries they face. Have you been injured at work in a hotel and your claim has been denied? Are you considering filing for workers’ compensation benefits in Florida?

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