Injuries Requiring Surgery

Any time you are injured on the job, there is the potential for serious problems, as this can negatively impact your ability to work and make a living. You may need financial assistance if you have suffered any work injuries requiring surgery. Any surgical procedure usually comes with a hefty price tag and a set of risks.

These factors should be considered along with things like time spent on tests, the surgery, and your recovery time. There is also the chance that your injury could worsen, affecting your quality of life and causing permanent limitations or damage. Infections, hemorrhages, diseases, and kidney problems are also a few of the many risks and complications of surgery.

If you have suffered an injury that requires surgery while on the job, you may be entitled to money to cover your expenses. Our workers’ compensation lawyers at Work Injury Rights are ready to help you get the maximum compensation you deserve for your injuries requiring surgery. Contact us today to learn more about your options by calling 954-833-5226.

When is Surgery Needed?

There are a large number of conditions that can require surgery. These include broken bones, lifting injuries, construction accidents, traumatic brain injuries, and car accidents. Injuries caused by these occurrences can require surgery immediately. But not all work-related injuries develop so quickly. Things like repetitive stress injuries and cancer can take years to develop, sometimes even decades.

The cost of surgery, physical rehabilitation, and recovery for injuries requiring surgery can be extremely high. Due to this, insurance companies may try to prevent the best course of treatment for less expensive, less effective methods. They may even argue that the injury isn’t related to on-the-job tasks to avoid paying.

This is why you need an experienced lawyer well-versed in Florida’s workers’ compensation law to fight for your rights and ensure you receive fair treatment when dealing with injuries requiring surgery.

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Does Surgery Increase a Workers’ Compensation Suit?

There are a number of factors that need to be considered during a workers’ compensation case. Things like pain and suffering, your injuries, and medical costs all come into play. Each case is unique, depending on the circumstances surrounding the injury. In some cases, victims have sustained life-altering injuries—and need compensation in order to recover heavy losses.

You should receive money for any surgery or medical treatments that you need due to your work-related injuries. It’s always best to be completely honest about your injuries and maintain proper documentation for your workers’ compensation case. There are many things that are considered when a settlement is concerned, not just surgery procedures alone.

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Millions of workers have sustained injuries requiring surgery on the job. If surgery is required, you should be eligible to receive financial compensation from your employer’s workers’ compensation insurance. Our workers’ compensation lawyers understand how scary surgery can be, both mentally and financially, especially when you’re worried about covering the cost of medical bills when you’re not working.

At Work Injury Rights, our legal team will help you determine if you have a solid case and the type of compensation that you deserve based upon your injuries and resulting medical needs. We have over 45 years of combined experience handling workers’ compensation claims. To better serve our clients, we also work on a contingency-fee basis, so you don’t owe a dime until you are guaranteed monetary compensation.

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