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Key Reasons to Report Your Workplace Accident Immediately

When you first start at a new job, you’re provided with a copy of the “Employee Handbook.” This handbook should include the rules for what to do if you’re injured in a workplace accident. One of these rules is that you report your injury right away. If you have been hurt on the job, contact a Sunrise workers comp attorney.

Under Florida Law, You Have 30 Days to Report Your Workplace Accident

Technically, and legally, you have thirty (30) days to report your workplace injury. It doesn’t seem fair that your employer can hold it against you if you wait until the last minute to report your injury.

Unfortunately, that’s not the way it works. Most employers will automatically assume that there’s a reason why you waited to report your accident. 

They may assume that you were intoxicated or high when you were hurt. Or they may assume that you’re hiding something else that you don’t want your employer to know about.

When Do the 30 Days Start?

The thirty days start on the date of your workplace accident. Now, if your claim is for a work-related illness instead of an injury, the rules are slightly different. Your thirty-day reporting period will not start until you become aware that you have an illness.

Our Sunrise workers comp lawyers suggest that you report your accident right away, no matter what. You don’t want to give your employer any reason to deny your claim. 

Who Do You Have to Report Your Workplace Injuries To?

In most cases, you’ll report your accident to your supervisor or manager. If they aren’t available, you can always report it to your company’s Human Resources department.

Some of our clients say they didn’t report their injuries because nobody from HR or management was available. Sadly, this excuse won’t hold up in court.

Even if you wait a day or two for someone in management to be available, you need to report your injuries as soon as possible.

Reasons Why Employees Delay Reporting a Workplace Accident

Some of our clients who have delayed reporting their workplace accidents did so for a variety of reasons, such as: 

  • They didn’t realize they were hurt until a few weeks had gone by
  • They assumed their injuries were minor and would resolve themselves 
  • They were afraid they would be fired if they reported their injuries
  • They had used alcohol or recreational drugs the day before the accident and didn’t want to fail the drug test

While these reasons may seem acceptable, when your workers’ comp benefits are on the line, they are not. You’re not only risking your workers compensation weekly benefits. You’re also risking being responsible for your medical bills. 

Report a work injury as soon as possible

Depending on the facts of your case, there’s a chance your Sunrise workers comp attorney won’t be able to convince the insurance company to pay your claim. With so much at risk, you need to just follow the rules and report your injuries right away.

You May Want to Wait to Talk to a Lawyer Before Reporting an Accident

Some employees decide to wait to report their injuries until they’ve met with a workers comp lawyer. There’s nothing wrong with this. In fact, in many instances, this may be the best course of action.

The good news is that it’s relatively easy to schedule your free, initial consultation. You shouldn’t have to wait more than a few days to meet with one of our attorneys. This way, you can still report your injuries with plenty of time to spare.

Your Employer Will Assume Your Injuries Were Not Work-Related

If you delay reporting your workplace accident, the first thing your employer will assume is that your injuries didn’t occur on the job. They’ll think that you were hurt on personal time and are waiting to make it look like the injury occurred at work.

When this happens, it makes it harder for your Sunrise workers comp attorney to overcome this assumption.

Discuss Your Case with a Sunrise Workers Comp Attorney Right Away

Nobody wants to hear that their workers’ compensation claim has been denied. It’s frustrating and it can also be scary. One reason your claim may have been denied is that you waited too long to report your workplace accident. Either way, you owe it to yourself to meet with a seasoned Sunrise workers comp attorney.

The sooner you meet with a lawyer, the sooner your claim will be resolved. Contact our office at 954-833-5226 today and schedule your free, initial consultation.