What Are Some of the Most Dangerous Jobs in Florida?

Over the years, our Fort Lauderdale workers’ compensation lawyers have represented all kinds of clients. One thing they’ve all had in common is that they’ve all been injured on the job. While all employees have the possibility of getting hurt at work, some workers are at a much higher risk of getting hurt than others. Depending on the kind of work you do, there is a good chance that you could get hurt at work more than once in your career.

People who work in construction put their lives at risk every day. The same thing is true for people who work in the oil and gas industries. It’s a lot different if you’re a lawyer or an accountant. Then you get to work in an office and are very rarely put in a position where you can get hurt. If, however, you or your loved one work in one of the dangerous jobs described here, you may need our services sooner rather than later. That’s why we suggest you contact our office and schedule your free, initial consultation with one of our Florida injury lawyers.

Obviously, Some Jobs Are More Dangerous Than Others

Obviously, there are certain jobs that are going to be more dangerous than others. If you work as a truck driver, you’ll be at much greater risk of being injured than if you work as a teacher. It all has to do with the work that you do day in and day out. People who work in jobs that require physical activity are always going to be at a much higher risk of suffering a work-related accident. It’s not often that you watch the news and learn that a dentist suffered a life threatening injury on the job. However, you may very well hear that kind of story about a truck driver or a construction worker.

This is not to say that people in other jobs do not get injured at work. Our Ft. Lauderdale workers’ compensation lawyers represent people from all walks of life. We have represented nutritionists and hair stylists. We have represented people who work in retail stores as well as people who are nuclear physicists. It doesn’t matter what you do for a living, there’s always that chance that you can get hurt. If you do, you should call one of our Florida injury lawyers so that they can help you with your workers’ compensation claim.

Construction Workers Are Always at Risk of Getting Injured on the Job

As briefly mentioned above, people who work in the construction industry have one of the most dangerous jobs. Many of these employees work from high scaffolding. Others spend a good portion of the day on the roof of somebody’s home that they’re building. Even people who do not work in these conditions can still get injured on the job. Anybody who works in construction must spend some time at the construction site. These sites are filled with debris and heavy equipment. All it takes is one false step and you can find yourself in the hospital with serious or even life-threatening injuries.

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Oil and Gas Workers Are Also in Danger of Suffering a Work-Related Accident

If you or your loved one works in the oil and gas industry, then you already know this is among the most dangerous jobs. One of the reasons these jobs pay so well is because the people who do it for a living know that every day could be their last. Some people we have represented in the past who worked in the oil and gas industry suffered chemical explosions. Others were injured by dangerous equipment that malfunctioned. Sadly, many of the people who get hurt while working in the oil and gas fields do not survive their injuries. When this happens, our Florida injury lawyers may be able to file a wrongful death case on behalf of the injured worker.

Casino Dealers Are Prone to Developing Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

When people think about dangerous jobs, they don’t often think of casino workers. However, people who work as casino dealers are at high risk of developing carpal tunnel syndrome. This is an injury to the tendons near your wrist. Unfortunately, these injuries do not heal themselves and only get progressively worse.

When a casino dealer contacts our office and asks to speak to a Fort Lauderdale workers compensation lawyer, it’s usually because they need carpal tunnel surgery. Their employer may not give them the time off to have the surgery. Or they may argue that the injury was related to a prior job at a different casino. The good news is that regardless of when the injury originated, if it was exacerbated while working at your current job, you are entitled to workers compensation benefits.

Our Ft. Lauderdale Workers Compensation Lawyers Also Represent a Lot of Truckers

In addition to the other jobs discussed here, people who work full time as truck drivers have dangerous jobs. Some of them are involved in motor vehicle accidents that leave them seriously injured. Others simply develop health issues as a result of the work they do. For example, if you work for a delivery service as a truck driver, you’re constantly getting in and out of your vehicle. This can take a heavy toll on your knees and back. If you are a truck driver and suffer any type of injury while on the job, you should contact one of our Florida injury lawyers and schedule your free, initial consultation.

Your Florida Injury Lawyer Will Do Their Best to Get You Workers Compensation Benefits

The only reason that you should contact one of our Fort Lauderdale workers’ compensation lawyers is because you got hurt on the job. If your workers’ compensation claim has already been denied, then you only have a certain amount of time to file your appeal. This is why we suggest that you contact our office as soon as possible after your workplace accident. You can sit down and meet with one of our Florida injury lawyers and discuss your case. Since we offer all new clients a free, initial consultation, this will be free of charge.