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If you sustain an injury while fulfilling your work responsibilities in Florida, you are eligible to get wage replacement, medical treatment, and other benefits. However, receiving benefits for compensable work injuries isn’t always a straightforward process.

After all, insurance carriers are more worried about their bottom line, not you and your recovery needs. Therefore, if your claim is rejected, you don’t agree with your treatment plan, or you receive a low disability rating, we at Work Injury Rights can provide legal aid.

At Work Injury Rights, our Clearwater workers’ compensation attorneys are intent on helping with the full spectrum of your benefits. We understand what injuries are covered under workers’ compensation and will help you through the complex claims process.

Given the intricacies of the laws governing workers’ compensation in Florida, it’s in your interest to seek out a Clearwater workers’ compensation lawyer to learn more about your compensable injuries. Our injury attorneys are highly skilled and will help you get all the benefits you are owed.

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What Are Compensable Work Injuries?

Compensable work injuries are ailments or injuries that occur within the course of your employment, that eventually result in a need for continuing medical treatment and continual lost wages benefits. Florida workers’ compensation benefits exist to help employees if they suffer an injury or contract an occupational illness while fulfilling their work duties.

If you work in Clearwater, Florida, it’s prudent that you understand compensable injuries that qualify you to get workers’ compensation benefits.

Common causes of work injuries covered by workers’ compensation include:

  • Truck and car accidents
  • Slips, falls, and trips
  • Falling objects
  • Falling from heights
  • Repetitive movements and overexertion
  • Exposure to toxic substances
  • Being caught in heavy machinery
  • Violence in the workplace

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Common Injuries Covered Under Workers’ Compensation

In Florida, most illnesses and injuries that arise during a person’s employment duties would get workers’ comp coverage. Nevertheless, there are exceptions, like if the injury resulted from the employee’s alcohol or drug usage, failure to adhere to company guidelines, or horseplay at work.

Most kinds of illnesses and injuries qualify for workers’ comp benefits, including:

compensable work injuries in Clearwater, Florida

Florida Workers’ Compensation Health Benefits

Workers become eligible to get reasonable medical care if they suffer injuries or contract diseases while on the job. Medical coverage may include hospitalization, doctor’s visits, medical examinations, physical therapy, prostheses, and prescription medication.

You also have the right to seek reimbursement for transportation to get treatment. But the insurance provider must ratify the treating physician and approve any follow-up medical care.

Monetary Benefits From Florida Workers’ Compensation

Florida law requires all businesses with four or more employees to have a workers’ compensation insurance policy to compensate employees should a work injury happen.

An integral component of workers’ compensation coverage is the slew of financial benefits available when an illness or injury hinders an employee from earning. The sort of worker’s compensation benefits you can claim will mainly be contingent on the extent of your injuries or ailments and your lost earnings.

Here are the types of financial benefits in Florida Workers’ Comp.

Temporary Total Disability

If you’re incapable of working as a result of a work-affiliated condition, you qualify for wage replacement benefits of up to 66 percent of your normal earnings, subject to a statewide maximum. You don’t get TTD benefits for the initial 7 days of missed work unless your injury or illness keeps you from working for not less than 21 days.

Serious injuries may qualify a worker to get up to 80 percent of normal earnings for up to 6 months. TTD can be awarded for a maximum of 260 weeks, from where the employee either goes back to work or gets permanent total disability.

Temporary Partial Disability

If you’re unable to fulfill your normal work duties but can undertake job-related tasks, your employer may give you lighter work duties at a lower rate.

If this rate goes below 80 percent of your normal earnings, you may qualify for TPD benefits to diminish the gap following the 80/80 rule. The calculations are done by using 80 percent of the Average Weekly Wage and paying 80 percent of the outcome.


At some point, your medical practitioner certifies you have attained maximum medical improvement, which is the highest level of recuperation you’re expected to undergo.

The next question is if you have lasting work limitations. If yes, the physician awards you an impairment rating, and you qualify for impairment income benefits depending on that rating.

Permanent Total Disability

Seriously injured employees who attain MMI but are still incapable of performing any work duties qualify for PTD benefits. These payments are intended to award partial wage replacement for the prevailing duration of the worker’s profession.


If an employee dies due to a work injury within 1 year of the incident or 5 years of continuous disability, the family will receive workers’ comp benefits. These benefits encompass funeral costs of up to $7,500, reimbursement to dependents, and education benefits.

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How Long Do You Have to File for Workers’ Compensation in Florida?

When you sustain an injury while on the clock, your priority should be figuring out a way to feel whole again. Under Florida statutes, you have a 30-day window to inform your employer. If you fail to notify a superior within this duration, you risk not qualifying for Florida workers’ compensation benefits.

you have 2 years following your injury to file a workers’ comp claim. Not meeting these stipulated deadlines makes it hard to get the help you require.

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