Can Part-Time Employees Receive Workers’ Comp Benefits in Florida?

For some reason, people who work part-time assume that they aren’t entitled to workers’ comp benefits. The reason employers are required to maintain workers’ comp insurance is in case any of their workers get hurt on the job. It doesn’t matter if you work 10 hours a week or 60 hours a week, you should be covered. As long as you work at a company that is required to protect its employees, you shouldn’t have anything to worry about.

If you were told otherwise, then you should call an experienced Florida workers’ comp lawyer as soon as possible. They can review your case and let you know if you’re entitled to benefits. If you aren’t, they’ll be honest with you. The last thing they want to do is waste their time or give their clients false hope. But if it appears you should’ve been covered, they’ll help you file your claim and get the benefits you deserve.

Almost All Employees Can Apply for Workers’ Compensation Benefits

Almost every state has similar laws when it comes to workers’ compensation. Companies that employ more than 3 employees are typically required to carry workers’ compensation insurance. There are a few exceptions to this rule. If you work in any of the below fields or positions, you may not be eligible for worker’s comp:

  • You are a federal employee
  • You work on a farm or do any agricultural work
  • You’re a nanny or au pair
  • You work as a servant
  • You work for the railroads

Anybody who falls into these categories has a different recourse when it comes to work-related injuries and accidents. As long as you don’t meet these criteria, there’s a good chance your company has a robust workplace accident policy. As long as you follow their policy and procedure, you’ll have a good chance of having your claim approved.

You Still Need to Meet the Requirements for Workers’ Comp

Just because you work for a company that offers workers’ comp coverage, there’s no guarantee that you’ll be entitled to benefits. Your Florida workers’ comp lawyer still has to demonstrate that you meet the basic requirements for workers’ compensation benefits. These requirements include, but are not limited to the following:

  • You were injured while on the clock
  • You were on company property at the time of your accident
  • You reported your accident to HR or your manager immediately
  • You were treated by a company-approved doctor
  • You comply with your treatment plan
  • You don’t work a second job while out on worker’s comp
  • You were not under the influence of drugs or alcohol at the time of your accident

As long as you meet these criteria, there’s a good chance your claim will be approved. However, it’s a good idea to have an experienced Florida workers’ comp lawyer handle your case so you know it’s handled properly from the start.

You’ll Only Be Eligible for Part-Time Weekly Benefits

As mentioned earlier, you’re eligible for workers’ comp benefits whether you work full-time or part-time. The only difference is in the amount you’ll receive in replacement wages. All employees who are out on workers’ comp receive weekly replacement wages at a rate of 2/3 their average weekly wages. If you normally make $500 per week, you’ll make approximately $350 per week. If you work part-time and typically earn about $200 per week, you’ll receive about $133 in weekly benefits.

Your Medical Care Will Be Covered as Well

The other important thing is that part-time employees are eligible to have their medical care covered by workers’ compensation insurance. Any medical care that is related to your workplace accident will be covered under your employer’s insurance. You won’t be responsible for any out-of-pocket expenses.

This will continue until your doctor determines that you’re ready to return to work. Even if you don’t fully recover, your benefits will eventually terminate. This is because Florida law only provides for 104 weeks of workers’ compensation benefits. This is a lot shorter than most other states. Some states allow their workers to collect benefits for as long as 400 weeks.

An Experienced Florida Workers’ Comp Lawyer Can Make Sure Your Claim is Handled Properly

If you get hurt at work and management tells you that you aren’t eligible for workers’ compensation, you need to call our office. You should speak to one of our experienced Florida workers’ comp lawyers as soon as possible after you’re hurt on the job. Even part-time workers are eligible for benefits. Let one of our attorneys help you through the process so you get the benefits you’re entitled to.

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