Understanding Workers Comp for Travel-Related Accidents

Workers’ compensation laws in Florida are designed to protect workers who are injured on the job, including those who are involved in accidents while traveling for work. This blog post will examine key aspects you should know about workers comp for travel-related accidents and how a Sunrise workers comp attorney can help you file a successful claim.

Workers Compensation in Florida

In Florida, employers are required to provide workers compensation insurance for their employees. The Florida Division of Workers Compensation, part of the Department of Financial Services, oversees the administration of the workers compensation system in the state.

Workers Comp for Travel-Related Accidents in Florida

Travel-related accidents can occur in various situations, such as when an employee is traveling for business, running errands for the employer, or commuting to and from work. However, not all travel-related accidents are covered by workers compensation in Florida.

Business Travel

If an employee is injured while traveling for business purposes, the injury is usually covered by workers’ compensation. This includes travel to and from business meetings, client visits, and other work-related activities.

However, injuries that occur during a personal deviation from the business trip, such as sightseeing or personal errands, may not be covered. The key factor is whether the travel was primarily for the benefit of the employer.

If the primary purpose of the travel was to further the interests of the employer, then an injury that occurs during the trip is likely to be covered.

Commuting to and from Work

Generally, injuries that occur while an employee is commuting to and from work are not covered by workers compensation in Florida. This is known as the “coming and going rule“. However, there are exceptions to this rule.

you may file for workers comp if you were injured while traveling for work

If the employee is on a special trip for the employer or if the travel is part of the employment contract, then an injury that occurs during the commute may be covered. The “coming and going” rule begins when the employee enters the employer’s premises and ends when the worker leaves the premises to go home.

Under the going and coming rule in Florida, an employee can be off the clock and still be eligible for workers comp benefits. For example, if an employee is injured in the parking lot owned by their employer, their injury would be compensable under Florida’s workers compensation law.

Running Errands for the Employer

If an employee is injured while running errands for the employer during work hours, the injury is typically covered by workers compensation. This can include situations where the employee is asked to pick up office supplies, deliver documents, or perform other tasks outside the usual workplace. The key factor is whether the errand was undertaken for the benefit of the employer. If the errand was primarily for the employer’s benefit, then an injury that occurs during the errand is likely to be covered.

Major Contributing Cause

Under the Florida Workers’ Compensation Act, to be eligible to receive benefits, an injured worker must establish that his or her accidental compensable injury is the “Major Contributing Cause” of the need for medical care and/or disability.

“Major Contributing Cause” is defined as the cause which is more than 50% responsible for the injury as compared to all other causes combined for which treatment or benefits are sought.

Reimbursement for Transportation-Related Costs

Florida workers compensation provides benefits beyond medical treatment, lost wages, and rehabilitation costs after an on-the-job injury. It extends to include reimbursement for some transportation-related costs.

The Division of Workers’ Compensation states that worker’s comp benefits may cover travel expenses to and from authorized medical treatment and pharmacy. The costs that may be included are public transportation fares, tolls, mileage, gas, and parking fees.

A Sunrise Workers Comp Attorney Can Help You With Your Claim

Understanding the nuances of workers comp for travel-related accidents in Florida can be complex. It’s important for employees to understand their rights and responsibilities under the law.

If you have been injured in a travel-related accident and believe you may be entitled to workers compensation, consult with a Sunrise workers compensation lawyer at Work Injury Rights. Contact us at 954-324-COMP for a free case review.