Can I Get Workers’ Comp Benefits in Florida If I’m A Seasonal Worker?

The holiday season is about to start and many companies in Florida will be hiring temporary employees to handle the traditional increase in business. If you’re a seasonal worker, you’ll no doubt be happy to get some extra cash. You’re probably not thinking about things like workers’ compensation or employment laws. Hiring a Florida workers’ comp lawyer may be the last thing on your mind. However, even if you’ll only be working for a few weeks, you could suffer an injury on the job or develop an illness because of your work.

Fortunately, you’re likely to qualify for workers’ comp as long as your injury is job-related. In Florida, any business with four or more full- or part-time employees is required to have workers’ compensation insurance. All employers in the construction industry are also mandated to carry coverage along with government employers and farmers hiring six or more workers or 12 seasonal employees. Understanding the laws surrounding workers’ compensation for temporary workers can help you to protect your rights. We’ll discuss more in this blog post.

Who Is Considered a Seasonal Employee?

To determine whether or not you would qualify for benefits if you suffered an injury, you need to be clear about your employment status. Seasonal workers in Florida are commonly employed in the retail, tourism, and agriculture industries. You may be a seasonal worker if people in your position usually work for six months or less, particularly during the busy season. If the period of employment starts in the same season annually, you could be a seasonal worker.

As long as you are an employee, you will have the same access to workers’ comp as other employees. Your coverage will kick in from the day you’re hired. However, if you’re hired as an independent contractor or subcontractor, the situation may be more complicated. Contractors and subcontractors may be required to have their own insurance. To avoid complications or surprises in the event that you become ill or injured, ask the company to provide you with your job terms in writing. Then, contact a Florida workers’ comp lawyer to clarify whether you would qualify for workers’ comp.

What Workers’ Compensation Covers

Regardless of how short your stint is, you can sustain a wide range of injuries while carrying out your duties. Some injuries, like slips, trips, and falls can happen almost anywhere. Others, like, back injuries, are more likely when doing manual labor such as lifting heavy objects. Other possible injuries include blows from falling objects, car accident injuries, and injuries caused by violent coworkers or customers.

If you suffer any type of injury that’s related to your work, workers’ comp insurance can help you to pay your medical bills and continue to earn some income. You may be able to get compensation for travel to and from medical appointments, disability benefits, and more. The specific benefits to which you’re entitled will depend on the nature and severity of your injury and the duration of your employment. To ensure you get the compensation you truly deserve, you should talk to an experienced attorney.

What to Do If You Suffer a Workplace Injury

If you suffer a work-related injury or illness, you need to report it to your employer within 30 days in order to qualify for workers’ comp. Specifically, you have 30 days from the date of your injury or the date a doctor linked your condition to your work. In the case of an emergency, you can see any doctor you want for the first visit. Otherwise, you’re required to see a physician authorized by your employer’s workers’ comp insurer.

Once you report your injury or illness to your employer, they should give you paperwork to sign and then report your claim to their insurer within seven days. Within three days of receiving notice from your employer, the insurance company has to send you an informational brochure. You have the right to follow up with the insurer to make sure your employer submitted the claim.

Contact Work Injury Rights for More Information!

If you’ve been offered a seasonal work contract ahead of the busy holiday season, you need to make sure you’re aware of your rights. While you may not expect to be injured, accidents do happen. It’s in your best interests to contact a workers’ compensation attorney in Florida to find out if you qualify for workers’ comp. If you’ve already suffered an injury and you’re unsure about how to proceed, the lawyers at Work Injury Rights are also here to help. Get in touch with us today!

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