How Long Can You Receive Workers Compensation In Florida?

Have you suffered serious injuries in a work-related accident? If so, you’re probably wondering what your compensation will cover and for how long you will be reimbursed for your injuries. The duration of the compensation payout is an important consideration for you before you go ahead with the whole thing. So, how long can you receive workers’ compensation in Florida?

There is no single answer to this question as every case is different and only competent employment lawyers in Fort Lauderdale, Florida can tell you what you should expect from your compensation insurance claim. However, there are some general rules and expectations in this area, i.e., the limit to which you can receive compensation, what will be reimbursed, and so on.

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How Long Can an Injured Worker Receive Workers’ Compensation in Florida

All cases are different, and the nature of injuries also varies across all scenarios, so the duration of workers’ compensation in Florida will also differ. The whole duration aspect is dependent on your losses and, of course, how you present your case. If your injuries keep you from working or limit your ability to engage in work-related activities for some time, you can demand long-term benefits.

Otherwise, for minor to moderate injuries (no disability), the compensation benefits only last for a short term. There are set time limits for various types of settlement sums that come under the canopy of compensation benefits. Depending on the type of loss and the intensity of the injury, you may be able to secure payments for longer or shorter amounts of time.

Here’s an in-detail rundown for your reference:

Temporary Disability Benefits

If the work accident caused some temporary disability that resulted in you being unable to work for some time, you’ll receive workers’ compensation in Florida for that duration. As the name implies, the damage is reversible, and your “no work” status will revert to being what it was.

As for the amount of time for which you can receive benefits under this category: 104 weeks is the limit of temporary compensation. This also applies if the injured worker is unable to accommodate due to their condition.

But in any case, 104 weeks is the maximum duration.

Medical Benefits

This is one area in workers’ compensation benefits where there is no definite limit, unlike the former. As long as you’re receiving medical care from authorized healthcare providers, for at least one time per year (as part of a long-term healthcare plan), you’ll qualify for medical care benefits.

Thus in the event of severe accidents which resulted in serious bodily injury, necessitating long-term medical care, you’ll be covered for your medical costs for the duration demanded by your condition.

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Reimbursement for Permanent Partial Disability

In some cases, a person may continue to suffer from a permanent partial disability after maximum medical improvement. If a worker is suffering from a life-long disability that can keep them from working as well as they would otherwise, they’ll continue to receive workers’ compensation in Florida even when the temporary compensation claim expires.

This payment will go on for a term based on the severity of the situation, and as per the agreement with the insurance company, and may go on till the death of the injured worker if no concrete time limit has been set.

Compensation for Permanent Total Disability

For a total disability case, a worker can continue to receive workers’ compensation in Florida for the long term. However, there is one condition that the injured worker must not be able to seek employment. They’ll get two-thirds of their average salary as disability benefits.

An injured worker can continue to receive such benefits for as long as they are 75 years of age or as per the time limit set by the insurance adjuster during the claim process. But remember, the condition is for the worker to be unable to work, and if it is discovered otherwise, the benefits will be discontinued.

Why You Must Hire Employment Lawyers in Fort Lauderdale, Florida

Most people assume that they can handle workers’ compensation claims on their own (or they may be told so by their employer.) It is very much possible that your employer means the best if they say so, but that doesn’t make this the best decision – quite the opposite. You can only secure a fair and thorough settlement deal for yourself with the help of a competent attorney.

Lawyers understand your legal rights and all the terms and conditions that the insurance adjuster must fulfill for your workers’ compensation in Florida. We mentioned the time limit for all different types of compensation amounts, and that goes to show you how you can seek reimbursement in the long term for lost wages and disability.

If you want the best compensation deal, you should hire competent and resourceful Fort Lauderdale workers‘ compensation lawyers to represent you during the compensation claim process and safeguard your stakes in the whole thing.

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