Workers Comp Benefits: What Are the 4 Types Available?

Workers comp benefits cover all damages incurred by an accident or incident in the workplace or any other work-related accident. You can always reach out to competent Florida injury attorneys to secure maximum compensation for your losses and avoid being denied your fair settlement. Normally, people don’t think much about what to do if such a situation arises, and thus find themselves completely unprepared when the worst comes to face. You can always rely on the professional assistance of experienced personal injury attorneys in Miami for suitable compensation.

This article will cover the four segments of workers comp benefits in Miami, i.e., the compensation for medical coverage, income loss compensation, rehabilitation benefits, and wrongful death compensation. You can claim a fair settlement by following through with the advice of your attorneys, but before you go that far, let’s first understand the types of compensation at hand:

#1 Medical Coverage

This is the most basic and obvious form of workers comp benefits and does not come with any set limits on the dollar amount you can receive as compensation. In case your injuries were serious, you’ll need long-term care, while in most cases, short-term care may be necessitated. In any case, your settlement will encompass treatments for all your injuries, disabilities, and so on.

Such compensation coverage deals with:

  • Medications
  • Hospitalizations
  • Nursing care
  • Wheelchairs
  • Walkers
  • Additional treatments

In case of serious injuries, your settlement covers the costs of long-term care as well, including, but not limited to physical therapy. Moreover, in other cases, the treatment may require you to travel, you can demand workers comp benefits for the traveling expenses as well.

#2 Compensation For Wages

Of course, your injuries will also keep you from engaging in a normal work routine. Loss of income is a consequence of missing work, and most victims can be out of work for days or weeks. Compensation for loss of income is also part of the workers comp benefits offered by most insurance claims. However, the duration of this compensation is not set in stone.

It all depends on how long you’ve been out of work, and that too is directly tied with the intensity of the accident, in case of severe injuries, the recovery period will also be longer, and thus you’ll be out of work for several days. However, permanent disability can make a person unable to work for the rest of their lives; this necessitates life-long financial assistance to make up for the loss of income.

If the employer was somehow responsible for this, the injured employer can sue them for additional coverage as well. Usually, the compensation for loss of income is only partial meaning that you won’t be compensated for all the money lost, but only a fraction of it.

#3 Vocational Rehabilitation

In many cases, the injured employee may not be able to join the workforce like before after an accident due to some physical and mental issues. This necessitates hiring vocational rehabilitation experts who help such injured individuals reclaim their employment routine.

The whole process includes training, counseling, and even help with finding a new job in some cases. If your experience is keeping you from rejoining your old post (or if that is not an option for you), you can file for vocational rehabilitation costs in your claim as well.

#4 Death Benefits

This form of workers comp benefits is reserved for when a worker passes away. Their survivors can file for death benefits which include coverage for funeral expenses and an additional sum to cover the loss of the bread earner of the family. Florida workers’ comp law allows the spouse, children, and in some cases parents and siblings to claim death benefits.

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Can You Sue For Pain And Suffering?

Now comes the part where we see if you can get something else on top of the four segments of compensation for work-related injuries. As it happens, you can, but not through a worker’s compensation claim. Pain and suffering are often brought up in such cases, and the employee does deserve some form of compensation if their employer’s negligence led to a serious accident that then resulted in a severe injury or disability.

In such cases, employees can file a personal injury lawsuit against their employers and can seek compensation for physical and emotional duress caused by the incident; note that this also applies in case a third party is responsible for the suffering, such as in manufacturing defect suits, car accident suits, premises liability suits, and so on.

Florida Injury Attorneys Can Get You Maximum Workers Comp Benefits

Hiring professional Florida injury attorneys is not optional when you want to claim maximum compensation for your losses. Getting a fair settlement on your own is nearly impossible since the adjuster can and will use all things at their disposal to lower your settlement sum. If you enter negotiations on workers comp benefits on your own, odds are that you’ll end up with a nominal sum barely enough to cover the damages sustained due to the incident.

Here’s what an attorney will do in your case:

  • Assess your position in the case
  • Investigate the facts
  • Assess firsthand evidence collected by you
  • Go through additional evidence if needed
  • Bring experts onboard for further clarification
  • Provide legal representation at all stages
  • Appeal if your claim is denied
  • Negotiate with the insurance adjuster
  • Pursue legal action against the employer if needed
  • And so on.

Get The Help You Need From Our Personal Injury Attorney in Miami

When it comes to demanding fair compensation for your losses and pursuing legal action against a negligent employer, seeking the service of a competent Miami injury attorney from Work Injury Rights is a must.

You will get the level of personal attention you deserve and even be able to follow the progress of your workers comp benefits case as we pursue it. Rest assured, your case is in good hands with us, and you’ll know that as soon as you sit with one of our attorneys during the initial consultation session.

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