What Not to Do While on Workers Compensation in Florida

It isn’t always easy to qualify for workers compensation in Florida. The last thing you want to do is jeopardize your claim. Our Brandon, Florida workers comp attorneys advise employees to avoid making simple yet important mistakes that can threaten benefits.

In this blog, we will discuss the things you must not do while collecting workers comp. We will also explain how a workers comp lawyer can help you with your claim.

There Are Certain Things That Can Jeopardize Your Workers Compensation Benefits

There are things you do while out on workers compensation that can threaten your benefits and continued medical coverage.

Some mistakes workers make can be repaired by an experienced workers comp attorney. However, if your error is egregious, there may be nothing they can do to get your benefits reinstated.

You Should Never Discuss Your Workers Compensation Claim on Social Media

One of the biggest mistakes you can make is posting about your workplace accident online – especially on social media. Once you post a comment, video, or photograph on a social media platform, you can never truly remove it.

The insurance company will likely have someone investigate your claim. One of the first places they will look is social media. Even if you delete something, that doesn’t mean they won’t find it. They’ll then use your comments against you and may threaten your claim.

Let Your Workers Comp Attorney Deal With Your Employer and the Insurance Company

It’s usually a good idea to have a worker’s comp lawyer deal with the insurance company on your behalf. The insurance adjuster may look for reasons to deny your claim.

If you have an attorney handling your claim, it will be much harder for the insurance carrier to deny it. They know your lawyer won’t stand for manipulation or intimidation. They also know that your attorney is familiar with the law and knows how to protect your rights as a worker in Florida.

you must follow certain rules during workers comp

Don’t Change Jobs Without Talking to Your Workers Comp Lawyer

If you’re thinking about looking for or accepting a new position, make sure you let your work injury lawyer know.

Your employer and the insurance company will find out that you accepted a new job. Changing jobs can jeopardize your workers’ compensation benefits. In addition, your medical coverage may also come to an end. If this is the case, you could be facing hundreds of thousands of dollars in medical bills.

If you’re planning on starting a new job, talk to your attorney first. Let them know what’s going on. They can then advise you on how this could impact your workers’ compensation claim.

Do Not Miss Appointments With Your Workers Compensation Doctor

Florida workers compensation law requires that employees comply with their medical treatment plan. If you fail to do this, your claim may be denied after the fact. Your benefits could be terminated, and you may be ordered to pay back benefits you have already received.

It’s important that you go to all of your doctor’s appointments. Do not miss your physical therapy sessions. Anything other than full compliance with your treatment plan can jeopardize your claim.

Only Discuss Your Claim With Your Workers Comp Attorney

Never talk about your workplace accident with someone other than your attorney. You have no idea whether the insurance company has assigned an investigator to your case.

You could be at the park or grocery store and talk to a would-be stranger about your claim. For all you know, that person could work for the insurance carrier. They’ll report everything you said and did to the insurance adjuster handling your claim.

An example of this would be an employee who is out on workers’ compensation for a knee injury. They go to play basketball at the local park and engage in a pickup game with two strangers.

The next thing they know, the insurance company says they’re terminating their benefits and provide a video recording of you playing ball on an allegedly injured knee.

Don’t Wait Too Long to Meet With an Experienced Work Injury Lawyer in Florida

It’s never a good idea to wait too long before you call a seasoned worker’s comp lawyer in Florida. Everything you say and do in the days and weeks after your workplace accident could threaten your workers compensation benefits.

Rather than have this happen, call our office today at 954-833-5226 and schedule your free, initial consultation.