Can You Get Workers’ Comp Benefits for Mold Exposure?

It is well-known that mold can cause a variety of health problems. It is especially dangerous for people who are sensitive to it or those with certain underlying medical conditions. If you’ve become ill and you believe it is because of exposure to mold in your workplace, you may be wondering if you’re eligible for workers’ comp benefits.

The only way to know for sure is to contact a Florida workers’ compensation lawyer and schedule a consultation. In the meantime, we’ll share some of the dangers of mold in the workplace and give some suggestions on how you should proceed if you suspect mold is causing a problem.

How to Identify Mold

Mold is a fungus. It thrives in moist, humid environments and it can be found in almost any location that meets these conditions. This means you may find it anywhere from walls and carpets to ceiling tiles. Mold can also grow on paper, cardboard, and even in dust. It may be black, white, grey, grey, or multiple colors. It typically starts out as a small area and then expands very quickly. The air may also have a musty odor, especially on humid days.

While the presence of mold doesn’t automatically mean you will become ill, prolonged exposure can be problematic. Mold produces different harmful substances depending on which species is present and what the indoor conditions are like. There are a number of symptoms associated with mold exposure and if you’re experiencing them, you need to see a doctor at the earliest opportunity. Symptoms linked to the presence of mold include:

  • Scratchy throat
  • Runny nose
  • Itchy eyes
  • Persistent coughing
  • Chest tightness
  • Rash and intense itching
  • Possible skin lesions

Asthmatics and people who are allergic to mold are more likely to have severe reactions. Also, individuals who are immune-compromised and those who have chronic lung disease may also develop lung infections after mold exposure.

What to Do If You Are Concerned About Mold

If you suspect mold is growing in your workplace and it’s affecting your health, you need to report it to your employer. Then, you should see a doctor for diagnosis and treatment and ask whether you need to stay away from the work environment on medical grounds. If you become ill as a result of your work and you need to take time off, you may be able to access workers’ comp benefits.

Your employer is required to ensure that the workplace is safe. This means they should have measures in place to handle excessive moisture and humidity. In the event that mold develops, they should call in the professionals promptly to have it dealt with. If your employer doesn’t own the building, they should inform the landlord and inform employees about the presence of mold.

Regardless of whether the mold situation is your employer’s fault or not, if you become too ill to work, you should be able to claim workers’ comp benefits while you recover. The workers’ comp system doesn’t require you to prove that someone was responsible for you becoming ill. However, you do need to prove that your illness occurred because of your work. If you want to ensure that you file a strong claim for compensation and get all the benefits you deserve, it’s a good idea to contact a Florida workers’ compensation lawyer.

Benefits You Can Claim Under the Workers’ Comp System

The type and amount of benefits you get will depend on the severity of your injury and how long it keeps you out of work. Typically, injured workers in Florida can be compensated for:

  • Medical expenses
  • Medication costs
  • Travel expenses
  • Vocation rehabilitation costs

In the unfortunate event that a worker passes away as a result of a work-related illness, their dependents may be able to claim death benefits.

Get in Touch With Work Injury Rights Today!

If you’ve developed respiratory problems or skin issues as a result of exposure, your doctor may recommend that you stay away from the workplace and heal. Depending on the severity of your condition, you may be out of work for some time. Your responsibilities won’t go away during this time. Workers’ compensation benefits can help you and your family to navigate this challenging time.

Unfortunately, it can be difficult to get benefits even if you have a legitimate case for compensation. Hiring an experienced workers’ comp attorney in Florida can increase your chances of getting the benefits you deserve. Contact the team at Work Injury Rights today to schedule a consultation.

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