Pre-Existing Injuries and Conditions in Fort Myers

It is not easy to understand the ins and outs of the workers’ compensation system in Florida. This is especially true for those who have pre-existing injuries and conditions in Fort Myers. At Work Injury Rights, we want to shed light on each step to ensure you receive appropriate legal guidance when you need it the most.

We can help you file a claim if you have a pre-existing condition that was impacted by a workplace incident. You will want to have all of your legal rights in order when applying for a workers’ compensation claim.

To do this the right way, contact our Fort Myers workers’ compensation lawyers at 954-833-5226 for a free consultation your workers’ compensation case as well as any pre-existing injuries and conditions in Fort Myers.

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What Are Pre-Existing Conditions and Injuries?

Pre-existing conditions and injuries can involve specific diagnosed medical issues that have been bothering a person before they got hurt at work.

This pre-existing condition may be the reason for the symptoms acting up rather than an incident that took place on-site. This is why employers are particular about what took place and what type of claim can be put in.

The law requires detailed claims that shed light on why the incident is the reason for a person’s inability to work as they used to. It is best to have a reputable law firm such as ours to help out with the claims process.

Do Pre-Existing Injuries and Conditions in Fort Myers Bar You from Filing for Workers’ Compensation Claims?

Pre-existing injuries are not a line in the sand when it comes to workers’ compensation claims in Florida. Instead, it comes down to each case and what the main contributing factor is of a client’s symptoms.

For example, there are times when a person might have a pre-existing injury that is related to their back but then they end up slipping due to wet flooring on-site that hurts their back.

In this case, the back injury was already there, but the slip and fall made it worse. This can then be listed as a significant contributing factor in the state of Florida for the workers’ compensation claim.

This is why the best course of action is to take the time to speak to us at Work Injury Rights. We are always looking to help our clients out and that is also what we can do for you.

What Obstacles May I Face with My Workers’ Comp Claim When Proving a Pre-Existing Condition Has Worsened?

It is difficult to find a way to separate a pre-existing injury from a workplace injury. A good example of this can be an individual that is starting to deal with knuckle pain that makes it hard to complete manual tasks at work.

This is a repetitive stress injury and one that can be filed for as long as you don’t have an existing condition such as arthritis. This is when it becomes difficult to prove the pain is not coming from a pre-existing condition that has just gotten worse.

Lawyer helping worker with pre-existing injuries and conditions in Fort Myers

It is important to speak to a trusted lawyer to see what can be done for your case. This is the only way to make sure you are not pursuing a claim that is not going to go through or one that can be handled as long as you choose a trusted law firm.

At Work Injury Rights, we have seen it all and that is what allows us to be confident. We will take the time to strategize and come up with a legal plan that is in your favor. To learn more about what we can do for you, take the time to reach out to us at 954-833-5226.

How Can You Protect Your Workers’ Compensation Claim?

When you have pre-existing injuries and conditions in Fort Myers, getting workers’ compensation is often more complicated. You are still going to want to move forward with the claim but that is only possible when you have everything in order. Those who don’t take care of these details are the ones that are going to struggle the most.

With our help at Work Injury Rights, you are not going to have to fret about this. Instead, just give us a call and we can begin planning out what needs to happen for the claim to go through in Florida.

There are several steps that you are going to want to implement when it is time to protect your ability to file a workers’ compensation claim when you have pre-existing injuries and conditions in Fort Myers.

These can include:

  • File your claim on time (Within Two Years)
  • Maintain medical records
  • Submit to a medical exam when required by insurance
  • Contact a workers’ compensation lawyer

Take the time to go through these steps one by one. You will want to ensure each step is followed to a tee as that is going to allow the claim to go through easier. If this is confusing or you want to start the right way, it is best to give Work Injury Rights a call.

Let Us Help You When Filing for Workers’ Compensation with Pre-Existing Injuries and Conditions in Fort Myers

When you are in a work injury situation with pre-existing injuries and conditions in Fort Myers, it becomes important to look at each detail carefully. This is important as it is going to make sure the workers’ compensation claim goes through in Florida.


A lot of clients will assume pre-existing injuries and conditions in Fort Myers means they are in trouble. This is untrue as a pre-existing injury does not mean you can’t file for a claim as long as the incident is linked back to the employer. This can happen in several ways and it is important to prove this in the claim.

If you are unsure about your options and want to focus on doing things the right way then it is time to contact Work Injury Rights. We are a trusted law firm serving Fort Myers and will take the time to focus on your situation.

This will allow us to take a look at your condition and the incident. When we go through this information, we can come up with a legal strategy that can work for the claim. To begin working with us at Work Injury Rights, give the team a call at 954-833-5226.

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