Reporting a Work Injury in Fort Myers

Occupational diseases and workplace accidents are not uncommon in Florida, and that is why workers’ compensation is compulsory for most businesses or companies with at least four employees. This form of coverage provides monetary benefits for medical expenses, lost wages, and even death for employees and their loved ones. If you are a victim of an occupational illness or injury, it is imperative to know about these benefits and how you can fight for your rights. This includes reporting a work injury in Fort Myers on time.

Unfortunately, reporting an injury or filing workers’ comp claims is not always seamless. Some employers and their insurers may try to deprive you of your full benefits. That’s why it is advisable to seek legal representation from a firm such as Work Injury Rights.

Our workers’ comp lawyers will work aggressively to fight for your rights and seek the compensation you deserve. So, if you live or work in Fort Myers and you are want to begin reporting a work injury in Fort Myers, do not hesitate to reach out to us by calling 954-833-5226 for a free initial consultation.

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How Long Do I Have to Report a Work Injury in Fort Myers?

To be eligible for full benefits from your injury or disease, you should give your employer or their representative prompt notice of your condition or injury. Specifically, Florida law stipulates that workers who sustain injuries have 30 days to report it.

This 30-day period to make a notice was included in the Workers’ Compensation Law of Florida to give companies adequate time to investigate the case while substantial evidence is still available.

There’s no requirement to report the injury in writing, but it’s highly recommended to do so when possible. In some cases, the employer may fail to report the injury in time, resulting in further delay among other issues.

To Whom Do I Have to Report the Injury?

According to Florida’s Workers Comp Act, injured employees should notify their employers or supervisors by reporting a work injury in Fort Myers in a timely manner. As mentioned above, the law stipulates that you do this within 30 days.

What are the Responsibilities of an Employer Following a Workplace Injury?

In most industries in Florida, companies with four or more workers must have workers’ compensation insurance. Employers have an array of responsibilities following a work-related injury or disease, including:

Providing First Aid & Medical Attention

Addressing the incident by providing the injured first aid and transportation to the hospital is one of the most important responsibilities of an employer. If the injury is severe, they should call 911 immediately. Employers with Workers Comp have a list of approved doctors, and you’re allowed to use one of them for medical attention.

Reporting the Injury

Employers are also expected to report the incident to the insurance carrier, provided:

  • You need to receive health care for an occupational disease or injury.
  • You have to take some time off work and cannot earn regular wages as a result of a work-related injury or disease

Assess the Workplace Safety & Training Requirements

Work-related accidents are unfortunate and tend to call for additional measures in safety as well as training. The employer is responsible for doing safety audits and uses relevant parties to implement the best safety practices in the office.

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What Are the Responsibilities of the Employee Following a Work-related Injury?

After experiencing a workplace injury or disease, there are several important things employees are expected to do in order to be eligible for full compensation. These include:

Reporting the Injury

If your injury is not severe and doesn’t call for instant medical attention, you must begin reporting a work injury in Fort Myers to your employer or supervisor as soon as possible. Keep in mind that you have a maximum of 30 days to do this.

Seeking Medical Attention

This is another crucial step following an injury, regardless of its severity. Failure to seek medical attention will only give your employer and their insurance carrier legal grounds to say that your injury or condition is not valid. To increase your chances of getting full benefits, seek medical attention as soon as possible.

Also, bear in mind that you need to seek treatment from one of the approved doctors in your employer’s panel of physicians. Getting treatment from a different practitioner will only void your claim for seeking workers’ comp benefits.

Filing a Claim

If your claim is denied by the employer or the insurance company, you need to complete the “Petition for Benefits” and submit it to Florida’s Division of Workers’ compensation. Make sure you turn in a copy of the form to the employer as well as the insurance provider.

Clipboard with form for reporting a work injury in Fort Myers

Keep Records

Keeping the various reports in your claim is another important responsibility. Ask your boss for a copy of the report they submitted to the insurance company and ensure you keep a copy of the petition for benefits form.

Keeping the Employer Up To Date

Also, it’s important that you notify your boss or their representative of any changes or new developments in your injury or condition as well as treatment. So, if your doctor asks that you seek more specialized care or take some time off, ensure you update the employer.

Why Hire a Workers’ Compensation Lawyer in Fort Myers?

Before you initiate the claims process, it is wise to reach out to an experienced workers’ compensation attorney. The claims process has so many potential pitfalls and having proper legal representation could go a long way when reporting a work injury in Fort Myers.

Call Work Injury Rights Today for Help With Reporting a Work Injury in Fort Myers

Workers’ compensation is a vital form of coverage, not just for employers but employees as well. It covers lost wages and medical expenses following an accident and also helps companies afford the cost. That is why it is crucial to begin the claims process by reporting a work injury in Fort Myers to a supervisor or manager as soon as possible.

Although it might seem like a simple process, this is not always the case and there can be discrepancies between the involved parties. By hiring a workers’ compensation attorney in Fort Myers, you can avoid the potential pitfalls and get the full benefits you deserve. Call Work Injury Rights at 954-833-5226 today for the best representation when reporting a work injury in Fort Myers.