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Construction Site

Construction sites are one of the most dangerous work environments in the United States. Every year, there are about 150,000 construction site injuries across the United States. Construction also accounts for 21% of private industry workplace fatalities.

If you have been injured on a construction site, you may be entitled to benefits through the workers’ compensation system. Other parties may also be liable for your injuries including faulty product manufacturers and third-party contractors.

At Work Injury Rights, we have more than 45 years of experience representing injured workers throughout Florida. Contact our firm today for a free consultation to review your construction site injury claim.

Common Construction Site Injuries in Florida

Construction sites are inherently dangerous with heavy machinery, dangerous materials, power tools, and scaffolding. The most common types of accidents that occur on construction sites include:

  • Falls, which are responsible for 40% of construction deaths. These falls can happen from scaffolding, cranes, ladders, roofs, and ledges.
  • Electrocutions: A worker is at risk of electrocution when equipment is defective or not used correctly or when they come in contact with power lines.
  • Struck by an object: Many of these accidents happen when workers are on different levels. Workers at lower levels may be struck by a dropped tool or building material.
  • Caught between objects: Workers are also at risk of serious injury or death when they are caught between or in objects. This can include being caught between a large vehicle and the ground or wall.
  • Slip and fall accidents: Sawdust, spilled liquids, extension cords, and trenches can all be dangerous slip or trip hazards.
  • Vehicle accidents: Construction workers may be seriously injured working on or near a forklift or heavy machinery on the construction site.
  • Machinery accidents: Many construction site injuries involve machinery and power tools such as cranes, jackhammers, forklifts, and nail guns.

Injured On The Job- Cape Coral and Clearwater

Construction site injuries, worker with hurt back

Construction site accidents can cause serious and life-changing injuries. Injured workers may face fractures, amputation, burns, loss of hearing or vision, paralysis, repetitive motion injuries, respiratory problems, and traumatic brain injury.

Workers’ Compensation Benefits for Construction Site Injuries

After a construction site accident, you may be facing months off work and a painful recovery with costly medical bills. Workers’ compensation benefits can help by paying for your medical expenses and replacing some of the wages you have lost. You can also qualify for disability benefits if you are unable to return to work after your accident.

Unfortunately, obtaining the benefits you deserve is not always easy. Your employer and their insurance carrier may try to argue that your injuries are not work-related, are not as severe as you believe, or that you have recovered when you know you are not able to return to work.

Our experienced Florida workers’ compensation lawyers can help you fight for the benefits you deserve. If you have already filed a workers’ comp claim that has been denied, it’s crucial to begin working with a workers’ comp lawyer to begin the appeals process. Your lawyer will assess the true value of your case to fight for full compensation. Do not accept a settlement offer from the insurance company until you seek experienced legal counsel or it may not be enough to cover your future medical expenses!

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A construction site accident can be devastating, both physically and financially. You are not alone. At Work Injury Rights, we fight for the rights of our clients and seek maximum compensation through the workers’ compensation system. We will also help you explore third-party claims in your case.

Contact us today to schedule a free consultation. We will put our combined 45 years of experience to work for you! We work on a contingency-fee-basis which means you do not pay anything unless we secure a settlement or jury award for you.