Compensable Work Injuries in Sunrise

Having worked with thousands of injured workers all across the great state of Florida, our team at Work Injury Rights has the required knowledge and technical expertise needed to handle workers’ compensation cases. We know the law regarding what conditions qualify as compensable work injuries in Sunrise, Florida.

Nearly any type of injury that is sustained in the process of doing a particular job in the course of specific employment is compensable under workers’ compensation. However, an injured Sunrise employee or worker must show the injury or occupational illness was caused by their job. Work Injury Rights attorneys are there to help you meet and exceed this burden of proof so that you can win your work injury lawsuit and get the compensation you deserve!

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What Are Compensable Work Injuries in Sunrise?

There are certain injuries that are common in workplaces. From a legal standpoint, these injuries are often categorized into groups of related injuries (such as broken limbs, amputations, and many others. Below is a list of some of the most common injuries that workers sustain in the course of the work:


Burns are quite common in industrial workplaces like steel mills or manufacturing plants where fire or heat is used in production. Exposure to fires, explosions, and toxic chemicals can cause serious burns that can result in permanent disfigurement or scarring. A burn injury can also affect underlying muscles and bones causing reduce mobility and severe pain. Treating burns and scars often requires the intervention of highly skilled professionals like plastic surgeons, as well as the use of expensive procedures.

If a burn injury you sustained at work causes you pain, reduced mobility, scarring, or disfigurement, call our workers’ compensation lawyers in Sunrise, Florida today in order to get proper compensation.


Cancer is a general term for malignant growths and diseases that occur due to exposure to certain conditions and elements that accelerate the growth of cells in the body. Millions of people in Florida and across the country have been diagnosed with cancer in recent years.

Cancers like mesothelioma can easily be caused by the conditions of your workplace without you even knowing it. All types of workers from formal employees to industrial workers and health personnel are at risk of developing malignant growths due to the nature of their work.

At Work Injury Rights Sunrise, we begin by assuming that the disease you suffer from may have been as a result of the working conditions you have been exposed to over time. We proceed to look for any evidence to back this assumption until we either confirm or rule out whether the cancer you suffer from may be categorized as a workplace injury.


Arthritis is a degenerative health condition that develops and becomes more severe over time. Certain jobs can make one more likely to suffer from arthritis due to the nature of the job or the tasks that an employee has to undertake on a daily basis. In Florida, your employer is liable to pay you certain workers’ compensation benefits if you are in a physically demanding job that aggravates your degenerative condition.

There is a high likelihood that your employer’s insurance company will raise your pre-existing arthritis or degenerative condition as a reason for them not to pay you. However, with the help of our highly-trained and experienced lawyers, you can prove without any reasonable doubt that your condition was indeed made worse by your job or workplace.

Concept of compensable work injuries in Sunrise, Florida


An industrial accident or car accident can lead to a loss of limb or amputation. This is a severe injury that has a permanent impact on your ability to work and your overall life in general.

Work Injury Rights attorneys have worked on amputation cases where employees lose a toe, finger, leg, arm, foot, or hand that either became crushed by a heavy object or got stuck in a machine as they were doing their job.

It is worth noting that amputation injuries can happen in any workplace, however, people who work in factories, manufacturing plants, and industries are more likely to sustain these injuries.

Apart from causing a lot of emotional pain and suffering, as well as permanently reduced mobility, the loss of a limb also causes you to incur huge medical bills. Because of this, our lawyers always do their level best to get you the highest compensation possible for workers who have suffered amputation injuries.

Ankle and Foot Injuries

Ankle and foot injuries are some of the other injuries that are commonly sustained by workers in Sunrise, Florida. This category of injuries is more prevalent among construction workers, and health personnel because they spend a lot of time on their feet and they also use their hands a lot.

We can help you get compensation for a sprain, strain, fracture, or any other injury to your foot or ankle that you may have sustained in the course of your employment.

Spinal Cord, Neck, and Back Injuries

Spinal cord, neck, and back injuries commonly occur in labor-intensive workplaces. These are serious injuries that may require long-term treatment procedures. They may also require surgery to rectify severe issues that may cause pain and immobility. Some of the most common injuries Sunrise workers suffer from include fractured vertebra, herniated discs, spinal cord injuries, and many others.

What Types of Compensation Can You Claim for Compensable Work Injuries in Sunrise?

You can claim compensation for medical benefits needed to treat your injury or occupational illness, vocational rehabilitation, and necessary travel expenses. You can also claim compensation for loss of income.

Work Injury Rights has successfully helped hundreds of workers to get good settlements for the compensable work injuries in Sunrise and throughout Florida.

How Long Do You Have to File a Workers’ Compensation Claim?

You don’t have forever to file your claim so the sooner you file your claim the better. Florida state laws require workers to file workplace injury claims within 2 years of sustaining the injury or being diagnosed with a condition.

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Workers’ compensation offers coverage for work-related injuries and illnesses. Employees may therefore receive part of their wages and have their medical expenses paid off by their employer’s insurance company. However, it is important to note that your injury must be compensable under workers’ comp for you to receive these benefits.

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