Suffering a Workplace Injury: What Are the Next Steps?

A workplace injury can leave lasting impacts on the physical and emotional well-being of the worker who probably felt safe in the workplace knowing that their employer is legally required to maintain safety at work. On top of this, there is the financial toll associated with the damages. The losses can either wither out in the short term or stay for you in the long term. Either way, workers’ compensation insurance is meant to cover those losses in both cases.

Not only is your employer obliged to maintain workplace safety but also to provide for you if you suffer due to a work-related injury or illness. The whole idea is to offer financial support to the employee when they’re out of work for some days. Of course, when you’re seeking compensation for your losses, you’d want to make sure you get a sum that covers the full extent of your losses. The insurance adjuster does not want to take a loss, they want to minimize the payout.

So, are you all alone here?

Well, of course not! Highly competent and professional workers’ comp attorneys in Coral Springs from Work Injury Rights will see to it that you get a favorable settlement after sustaining a workplace injury.

But for that, you need to handle the situation smartly on your end as well!

If You’ve Suffered a Workplace Injury in Coral Springs, Florida, Here’s What You Need To Do

Workplace accidents and work-related injuries are serious; you need to be extra careful about how you deal with the situation if you want to claim fair compensation.

There is a generally accepted pattern in this regard, and here’s how it works:

Get in Control

First of all, you need to be in complete command of your senses. Accidents can leave people shaken up to the core. Get a hold of yourself, see how the situation came to be and what you can do about it. Fighting panic and thinking with a clear head can help you a great deal in claiming a favorable settlement later on.

Gather Firsthand Evidence

Photos and videos are the primary evidence of your workplace injury and will help everyone get a glimpse into what happened. Be sure to capture everything – your injuries, the accident scene, the causative agent (i.e., oil spill, broken ladder, etc.), and all things related to the incident.

It would also be helpful to record witness statements so you can call on your coworkers later on if need be – this is especially important if the accident happened due to the negligence of the employer.

Seek Immediate Medical Help

Once you’ve swept the accident scene for all evidence and so on, you should rush to seek medical assistance. Any delay here will signal that the injuries were not as severe as you claimed, and you don’t want that for your case. It is best to get diagnosed by a medical professional almost immediately after an accident, or at least, the same day.

Also, if you know that your employer/their insurance provider prefers a certain medical establishment, be sure to visit them. If you’re unsure, ask.

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Inform Your Employer

This may appear to be the most intimidating part of the whole process for most people but remember that your employer is legally required to provide for you in case of workplace injury. You are not asking for a favor, but only demanding your legal right. The best way to do so would be through a well-written email detailing the incident but not enough for it to be trouble for you later on – just mention the where, when, and how, and you should be good.

If your employer is insured for such damages (which is a legal necessity for most businesses in Florida), then they’ll present some insurance forms soon after you’ve submitted your request. Fill them carefully but be sure to seek advice from a lawyer about how best to approach this whole thing.

Keep Track of Your Damages

How much did your medical bills cost you? Were there additional care costs involved? For how long were you out of work? You need evidence to answer all of these questions, no one is going to take your word for it. Be sure to keep all the bills and invoices with you to help your lawyer cover all of your financial losses in your compensation claim.

Seek Help From an Experienced Worker’s Injury Attorney

And, of course, you all saw this one coming! Never try to handle workers’ comp claims on your own because you’ll end up with insufficient reimbursement, not enough to cover your losses. You don’t want that. Also, an attorney will offer their services on a contingency fee basis meaning that you won’t have to worry about paying the legal fees – you’ll only pay when you win your compensation.

What else could you want? Just one last thing though – once you’ve recovered, don’t put off getting back to work.

Get Help From Coral Springs Injury Lawyers!

Always be sure to never let the words and manipulations of the insurance adjuster ever get to you. You need proper compensation for your losses. If you handle the workers’ compensation claim on your own, you’re most likely going to be ripped off by the insurer and be only given a nominal sum, barely able to meet all of your expenses during this whole period.

The Coral Springs injury lawyers at Work Injury Rights are all competent professionals who understand their duty to our clients and have all the resources and experience to get you maximum compensation for your workplace injury.

Not only will you get a level of personal attention unparalleled in Coral Springs, but will also be able to rest assured that your case is in capable and experienced hands. All of this without any upfront payments!