Workers’ Compensation: What Benefits Are Available?

Workers’ compensation is the only support that employees have in the event of a work-related accident when they’re faced with severe economic troubles and other problems. Most Florida businesses have such a compensation plan to help their employees when they need it, but if you want to be sure whether or not your employer offers coverage, just ask.

But what does workers’ compensation even cover in Miami, Florida? If a worker is out of work for several days, can they survive all the financial troubles only with workers’ compensation? Well, yes, it is possible.

But to stand a fair chance at a settlement that covers all of your losses adequately both in the short and long term, you need to work with an experienced Miami workers’ compensation attorney who knows what they’re doing. Handling the claim process can be tough, and the insurance company will do all they can to slash the compensation sum.

Thus, handling your workers’ compensation on your own is never a good idea, and you should always get a trusted law firm like the Work Injury Rights on board to make sure that your case is heard seriously and your sufferings are not undermined by the insurance company.

But what should you expect from your workers’ compensation settlement?

What Does Workers’ Compensation Cover in Miami, Florida?

Workers’ compensation is no-fault insurance coverage which means that you’ll get covered for your losses in the event of a work-related accident irrespective of who was at fault for the same. If your employer’s negligence somehow contributed to the incident, or if your workplace is somehow hazardous, you should discuss things with your lawyer first.

But in any case, your workers’ compensation payout should at least cover the following:

  • All medical expenses necessitated by the incident
  • Reimbursement for a percentage of lost wages
  • Coverage for any long-term care costs (in the event of a permanent disability, for instance)
  • In the event of death, funeral expenses

This is the basic list of coverage offered by workers’ compensation, and some variance is to be expected based on the details of your case. Also, whether or not your employer’s negligence somehow contributed to your suffering will matter since all businesses are required to maintain an overall safe environment for their workers and provide adequate safety training to avoid such incidents.

Workers’ compensation is not reserved for accidents only, you can also claim benefits if you fell ill due to the work conditions (i.e., workplace illness), you can demand a settlement for that as well. Just be sure to contact a capable lawyer so you can leave no doubt that your medical condition was caused indeed by the work conditions offered by your employer.

Lastly, workers’ compensation also covers injuries at places other than the workplace if the accident is work-related. This includes back injuries while lifting a delivery package, car accidents during work errands, and so on. Thus, delivery workers and other professionals who get hurt at places other than an office, but while working, can claim compensation for their injuries.

Whether you’ll get total or partial disability benefits and for how long depends on your condition.

Workers' compensation benefits in Miami

Have You Been in a Work-Related Accident? Here’s What You Must Do

Understanding what is covered by workers’ compensation insurance will only get you halfway through. You also need to know how you should respond to the situation. What you do immediately after such an incident will determine how strong a case will you be able to present before the insurance company. Firstly, don’t think of your employer as an antagonist – most probably, they are on your side. After all, who got the insurance coverage in the first place? But you should still be prepared for a full protocol.

Here’s what you need to do:

First things first, check yourself – how badly are you hurt? Can you stand? Assessing the situation will allow you to clear up your mind and be able to make rational, informed decisions, based on how things are. Once you’ve cleared your mind, you can begin collecting evidence to prove that the accident did happen and that you were hurt by the same.

Photos and videos make excellent firsthand evidence as they allow third parties to observe the accident scene as you did, and see how you got hurt. You should photograph and videotape your injuries, the accident scene, and so on – be sure to capture the whole picture. You should also look around surveillance footage to see if you can get the footage later on to make your point.

Also, seek medical help as soon as possible from a practitioner recommended by your employer’s insurance provider. The best way to notify your employer would be in writing, ideally over email. Make it formal, avoid unnecessary details, and share the findings of the doctor to make your point. Just don’t delay seeking medical attention as that could be held against you.

And of course, contact a lawyer!

Our Workers’ Compensation Lawyers Are Here For You!

Whether your injuries appear to be serious or not, you should not ignore things just yet and contact us for legal consultation as soon as you can – don’t worry, it’s free! Work Injury Rights has highly capable and experienced professionals with decades of combined experience who will see to it that your position in the case is represented as positively as possible.

Not only will we avoid the pitfalls set by insurance adjusters to deny you the benefits you deserve, but will also make sure that your narrative is presented wholly and strongly. Hire our personal injury lawyers in Miami, Florida to ensure that your best interests are represented, and you get compensated as you deserve.

If you think getting legal help will cost you, think again because we work on a contingency fee basis!

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