Covid-19 Phase 1: Worried About Going Back to Work?

As many businesses are opening back up during Phase 1, many employees are worried and nervous to return to work. At WorkInjuryRights.Com, we are urging employees to be aware of the challenges they may face upon returning to the workforce as shelter in place orders end.

According to a South Florida Business Journal Article, employees will continue to be cautious and expect the workplace environment to change:

  • Over 50% of employees will rethink shaking hands and will keep their 6 ft distance with business contacts.
  • About 70% hope to have fewer in-person meetings with clients.
  • Many will steer away from common office areas in the office.
  • About 50% of employees will decline in-person business social events/meetings.
  • Over 40% of employees hope to keep the mask mandate and change the office layout to continue to practice social distancing.

As viral restrictions begin to lift and people head back into the workforce, employees need to be aware of some obstacles they may face.

According to the new opening guidelines, social distancing, even in the workplace, must be enforced. This means that some tasks, such as those performed on assembly lines or in warehouses, may end up being completed with fewer workers to ensure there is enough room on the floor for everyone to stay safely separated. As a result, employees may end up performing extra tasks without proper compensation. Their chances of getting injured on the job, as they rush from one task to another, will rise as well.

In addition, companies must keep their workspaces clean and ensure that employees wear proper masks and protective equipment on the job. Failure to do this could lead to new cases of Covid-19. Masks and gloves getting caught in machinery could also lead to a rise in work-related accidents.

The law firm of WorkInjuryRights.Com wants employees to know that, “As we see many people returning to work, we understand many will face challenges, and we’re here for you” states practicing lawyer partner David Benn. Also, BHI lawyer, William Haro expresses, “It’s important employers are accommodating and flexible with workers returning back to work. If an employee feels they are being overworked or facing other challenges, they should contact our experienced legal team.”

Even office workers may be affected by these new workplace demands, as they must change their daily routines to include things like cleaning, sanitizing, and distancing their workspaces. These efforts could also cause a spike in on-the-job injuries if the cleaning supplies used cause respiratory issues or skin irritations.

Even with the new Covid-19 restrictions in place, employees are still entitled to certain rights in the workplace. Any employee who suffers a workplace injury as a result of these new guidelines or additional workplaces pressures as the result of reduced staff at a workplace should contact WorkInjuryRights.Com in order to protect themselves under workers’ compensation laws.

For more information about workers’ compensation claims that relate to the new virus restrictions, contact WorkInjuryRights.Com.