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Workers Comp Claims Process: Why Is Time Important?

It is important to understand the intricacies of the workers comp claims process to be able to secure fair compensation. Time is of the essence; it is one of the most important aspects of the workers comp claims process. You need to understand why time is important and how you can ensure success for your insurance claim through timeliness and urgency.

Experienced personal injury attorneys in Miami, Florida will attest to the importance of urgency in this matter. The sooner you report your injuries and initiate the claim process, the sooner it will all be over – in a good way. Also, you can claim fair compensation sooner this way.

On top of this, you can maximize your odds of securing a settlement that corresponds to your losses by hiring the services of competent and experienced Miami workers’ compensation lawyers to represent your best interests throughout the process.

Why Sooner Is Better for the Workers Comp Claims Process

The sooner you initiate the process for financial reimbursement, the better it will be for you, and we’re not just saying so – it is so. When it comes to securing a fair settlement for your losses, you need to exhibit urgency, so the insurance adjuster can see and feel how dire your situation is. Also, urgency is important to show that your losses were indeed as bad as you claim; there are other advantages too:

  • Immediate investigation
  • Faster treatment for the injuries
  • Prevention of future accidents
  • Assured fair compensation for the losses

Normally, the insurance provider expects your employer to report the occurrence within 24 hours, and for that to be possible, you must speed things up on your end as well. Be sure you report the work-related accident as soon as you can to your employer, so they can start the workers comp claims process immediately.

Usually, the best way to communicate is via email, since it is formally, documented, and does not require in-person interaction.

Most employers display notices in the workplace to let workers know that they are insured and educate their employees about the whole workers comp claims process to avoid troubles later on. If this is the case, then you probably have a sense of what you have to do. In short, the sooner you report the incident to your employer, the sooner they’ll be able to report it to the insurance company, and the sooner you’ll get compensated for your damages.

#1 Timely Investigation

You probably (ideally) took some photos and captured videos at the accident scene and documented other forms of firsthand evidence, but your employer needs to verify things on their end too.

You must also consider things from your employer’s perspective – you did your part by recording evidence, now you need to inform your employer so they can investigate stuff on their end as well. This is not merely a fact-finding mission (don’t panic), your employer must look for safety issues and resolve the hazardous situation as soon as possible.

#2 Avoiding Worsening the Injury

No one wants to make things worse for themselves – your injuries will get worse if untreated. It doesn’t take long for a muscle sprain to turn into a tear. Not only will it hurt more, but also make things worse for you.

The insurance adjuster will claim that you made things worse by failing to report the incident on time and seek appropriate medical care. To make your case stronger and show yourself as a responsible person, you need to report the case immediately.

Miami workers compensation lawyers

#3 Prevention of Future Accidents

Following a timely investigation, your employer will be able to avoid future accidents. Though this does not affect you directly, you do have a moral responsibility to safeguard your fellows against any harm caused by the safety hazard.

Your timely notification to your employer will help them keep your fellows safe from all the troubles that led to your misery. Also, this way, you’ll show your employer that you are a reliable and responsible worker, which works to your advantage both with regard to the insurance claim and in the future.

#4 Assured Fair Compensation for the Losses

Insurance adjusters tend to use all sorts of excuses to deny you fair compensation for your losses, and any delay on your part will be right on top of their list. If you delay reporting your accident to your employer, the insurance adjuster will suggest that you did not suffer as much as you claim.

Because if your injury was serious, you would’ve initiated the workers comp claims process immediately and sought help. Delaying things shows that the situation wasn’t as bad as you claim, so the best thing to do is to begin your workers comp claims process in a timely manner.

Lag Time Matters for the Insurance Company Too

Delay in filing the insurance claim does not merely affect you and your employer – the insurance company has a reason to worry as well. The reason we share this is to help you avoid hesitation. The delay period between the accident and filing the insurance claim is called the lag time. They increase the overall cost for the company.

Unless you get treated on time for your injuries, the insurance company will have to spend more on compensating you. Or, it’s more likely, they’ll use this as an excuse to either deny you your reimbursement or slash it down by asserting that you made things worse knowingly. In short, don’t put the insurers in a tough spot because that way, it will make things harder for you too.

How Miami Workers Compensation Lawyers Can Help

Personal injury cases can get complicated when your workplace becomes a relevant factor. Competent personal injury attorneys in Miami, Florida from Work Injury Rights will go through all your case’s details and prepare a strong claim to help you get compensated fairly. The insurance adjuster will use all things they can against you to lower the settlement sum, so better not give them another chance by going out there by yourself. Our Miami workers’ compensation lawyers will guide you through the whole thing, showing how they can help.

Also, you must hurry up! Urgency is important for the workers comp claims process – don’t delay getting in touch with us. You need help, so get it now!